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12 Christmas Decorations to Make You Merry and Bright

08 Dec 2020 | christmas, Events, Fun, Gifts

Home > Gifts > 12 Christmas Decorations to Make You Merry and Bright

We are closing in on Christmas 2020 and spirits may not be at their highest following lockdowns and a stressful year behind, but it’s time to let some Christmas cheer into the home by looking for the best decorations to put up this year. You may be recycling some old favourites, looking for fresh Christmas trends, or simply thinking about how to infuse some glitter and glam into your workspace. In all cases, here are 12 Christmas decorations to cheer you up this December!

Trendiest Christmas Decorations for 2020

Something Blue?

The Pantone colour for 2020 is Classic Blue – the top trend for home and even Christmas decorations. So why not lean into the trend and include some blue on your tree or just around the home?

Some great ideas can include sparkly blue tinsel around your windows, making it look like a brighter day every day.


Gingerbread cookies and Gingerbread men

A classic Christmas dessert, the gingerbread cookies are making a strong comeback this festive season. It might be due to our longing for comfort food as the days become shorter and we look for a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Include Gingerbread men in your Christmas décor, by baking some cookies and placing them in a transparent jar in the living room, or by hanging some on your tree.


Embrace Farmhouse Chic

Including hessian ornaments, Mason jars and a general farmhouse vibe into your Christmas decorations is another way to embrace this décor trend that is staying strong in 2020.

Look for some perpetual wreaths including tartan ribbons and rustic pine cones. You can hang these on your front door and store them for next year – saving money and the environment!

Do-it-yourself Christmas Decorations

Homemade paper ornament

One way to save money and get the children involved in Christmas decorating is to all get together to make some ornaments together. Paper decorations are the easiest and there are lots of patterns you can find online, from the basic to the more elaborate.

Hang these in the tree or spread them around the house to show what a creative family you have!


Use the whole house for inspiration

You don’t have to stick to the tree and the front door to display some Christmas ornaments, and you don’t have to buy it all either. Use the whole house for inspiration and display instead.

For example, you can use a vase to showcase lots of colourful baubles in a new arrangement, making it look like a new ornament. Or, pick up branches from holly bushes and some pine cones on your next walk and put them all together in a wooden bowl to display on the kitchen table. Enjoy the forest freshness as you cook!


Citrus garlands

Use up some of your older citrus fruit: cut it up and let the slices dry, then pass them through a wire and create a decorative garland that you can hang around the fireplace or in any other spot in the house. It will make for an instant Christmas classic, all while being cheap and easy to put together.

Go Back to Basics

Scented candles for a magical atmosphere

Scented candles are a classic part of Christmas decorations, and for good reason. Relax with the scent of woodfire while you listen to your favourite carols, or enjoy the crisp smell of a pine forest as you prepare for Christmas dinner.


Classic Baubles

Classic Christmas baubles are a great way to decorate not just the tree, but anywhere else, even at the office. Put a few in a bowl and display them on your desk for instant colour and sparkle. Or hang some by the door in your home, to get you into the Christmas mood on your way in and out.



These beautiful flowers are an absolute Christmas staple with their vibrant red petals and refreshing looks. Enjoy them on a coffee table or on your kitchen island and feel instantly Christmassy!


Think Outside the Box

Ceramic Christmas Trees

Christmas trees made of different materials are still very much a welcome trend for environmentalists and those looking to reduce their waste during the holiday season. Ceramic trees are very popular as a twist on the massive tree in the corner of the room, or you can go for some small artificial trees you can place in different parts of the house.


Personalised Wooden Decor

How about a recycled old sleigh or pair of skis to make your Christmas set-up rustic and fun? Get some from a vintage market and redecorate them with a personalised message with your family’s name on it for a unique ornament.


Snowflake Window Decals

No snow where you are? No problem! Snowflake window decals are sure to delight everyone in the family. They’re easy to apply, remove and store, so they’ll be with you for years. And they cheer up any window at Christmas!


Make the most of your Christmastime decorations with these helpful tips and enjoy a merry and bright festive season!

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