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3 Innovative Bags to Brand This Autumn

28 Aug 2021 | Accessories, Gifts, Sports, Technology

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Bags are part of our daily life and there is no doubt that their versatility and usefulness are unmatched. Whether for work or leisure, everyone needs at least two or three types of bags for travelling, not to mention shopping, going out and more.

But, beyond aesthetic or practical reasons for purchasing a bag, there’s a new trend that’s gaining traction: the innovation bag. Incorporating clever technology or design, these bags are one step further than the rest of the market. Using them in your branding strategy immediately associates your company name with innovation, too, so they’re a great opportunity to either showcase what you do best or to offer a very useful and unique gift with your name on it.

Here are 3 great ideas of innovative bags to consider for your branding.

Visibility for outdoor safety

Outdoor exercise and/or commutes are healthy and popular, but there is always the very real element of risk from poor visibility, especially in rural areas where joggers or cyclists may not have the benefit of dedicated lanes and pavements, or even the lighting needed to keep them safe from motorists. Moreover, as summer days draw to a close, early morning exercise sessions or after-work runs will take place in the dark for some, if not all, of the time.

So, instead of trying to add high-visibility stickers or arm bands to your outfit, why not use a high-visibility bag that’s been cleverly designed to help in these circumstances? Using highly reflective polyester in the make-up of these bags ensures they still look great on a daily basis, but they’ll protect you from traffic as they light up to reflect headlights.


Essential urban bags

In today’s world, most of us probably need to carry a laptop or iPad / tablet on a regular basis. We don’t want to lug it around in an unsafe big tote bag, and we’ve got plenty of other accessories to contend with, such as endless pairs of earphones, pens, notebooks etc. Not to mention personal items or a spare jacket, and how about a water bottle?

Busy professionals all need an all-in-one bag and innovative designs that include the right compartments and pockets to cover all these needs are a must. You can personalise these more highly technical bags with your logo for a subtle touch, and add a personalised notebook and pen with them too.

back pack to fit everything in

Next level technology

Going beyond simply storing items on your back, the most innovative backpacks and travel bags now include interesting technological advances. Some of the best will not only have the ideal compartments to stow away laptops and tablets, but will also provide a side pocket that allows you to easily charge electronic equipment on the go.

Finally, opt for a backpack with integrated space for a battery pack that can provide much needed additional power to your devices as you rush from one meeting to the next. All of these features, in a comfortable waterproof backpack with wide, soft straps for great shoulder support. And, of course, with plenty of space for a personalised design, logo or company name to be added on.


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