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5 Best Business Trip Gift Ideas for Brands in 2023

21 Feb 2023 | Gifts, Technology

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Chances are your employees and many of your business partners have to take at least one
business trip this year. After the pandemic, business travel is back on the rise, and having all
you need on a trip where you have a lot of other things on your mind is a priceless gift in
Moreover, such items can serve as a reminder of the company and keep the brand at the
forefront of your employees’ or partners’ minds, even when they are far from the office.
Here are five examples of branded merchandise items that a company can offer as gifts for
business trips this year.


A practical and useful item for business travellers, luggage with the company’s branding can
be both functional and fashionable. Moreover, it can come in a variety of sizes and styles, so
it’s easy to find one that fits the needs of the traveller you gift it to. Add a logo or even
company colours for more personalisation.

Comfort accessories

Nothing beats being comfortable on a long-haul flight. A neck pillow and eye mask make
excellent gifts for unwinding and helping a business traveller reach their destination
refreshed. You can make these branded in company colours and with logos to match.

Tech gadgets

Business travellers often rely on technology to stay connected and productive on the road.
Branded tech gadgets such as power banks and headphones therefore make excellent gifts.
They’re not only easy to personalise with brand assets, but they’re also ideal for keeping
your employees connected with their colleagues when they’re away. Win-win!

Tote bags

A branded tote bag is a versatile and practical item that can be used for so many different
things on a business trip. From carrying documents to doing some last-minute shopping,
tote bags are easy to store, bring along, and also to personalise.

Company branded clothing

How about making it easier to pack by offering a business traveller some branded clothing
to represent your company? This could be more informal clothing like a hoodie or cap for
during the flight, or a company logo jacket or shirt for formal meetings.
Branded merchandise items can serve as a powerful tool for companies to show
appreciation and gratitude to their employees who are travelling for business purposes.

These items can be functional, fashionable, and serve as a constant reminder of the
company and its values, even when the person is far from the office.
From luggage and travel accessories to tech gadgets and apparel, there are many options
available to fit these needs. You can find out more when you follow our Facebook or
Instagram page and see all the latest posts!

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