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5 Great Gifts for International Women’s Day

03 Mar 2022 | Accessories, Events, Gifts

Home > Accessories > 5 Great Gifts for International Women’s Day

The 8 th of March marks a celebration of women’s rights around the world. It’s a day when
we can reflect on inspirational women that have come before us, cherish our female friends
and family, and think of what more we can do in the future to support equality and equity.

While International Women’s Day isn’t celebrated universally as a political and historical
landmark, many cultures see it as an additional opportunity to celebrate the women in our
lives in smaller ways. For example, akin to Mother’s Day in the UK and the US, many

European families honour their mothers. For others, it’s a couple’s celebration too, where
the lady in someone’s life can expect flowers and a small gift.
Regardless of what significance this day has for you, here are 5 great gifts for any

Jewellery case for a sophisticated partner

A carefully designed jewellery case with compartments for rings, earrings, necklaces etc, can
be a thoughtful and practical gift at the same time. Whether you choose to also add a new
piece of jewellery in there or not, the woman in your life will appreciate a personalised gift
with an engraving, or perhaps in the type of wood that fits great on her vanity table or that
you know she likes.

Make-up bags for the jet setter

If you’re buying for a frequent traveller, make-up and cosmetics bags are such a convenient,
always useful, and easily customisable item, too. You can add a logo or design, or even a
personalised note, and pick the colour that best suits your significant other’s style and

These are also great corporate gifts which can be branded with your company logo, or staff
gifts that show you care a little more than in the average office.

Spa gift basket for the busy bee

Whether buying for your mother, friend, partner, or sister, appreciate a woman who’s
always on the run with a spa gift basket. Put together bath salts or foam, delightful body
lotions and creams, and a super relaxing scented candle. You’ll definitely get bonus points if
you add an actual spa gift voucher to help her get some extra TLC!

Personalised journal

One of the great new trends that’s become really popular in the last year has been a journal.
Helping you be more present, reflect on what’s happened during your day, and take
intentional action for the future, journals are a great way to reconnect with yourself,
meditate and reflect in an approachable way.

Gift your loved one a personalised journal, a gratitude journal with guidelines for every day,
or a beautifully bound notebook to use freely.

Desk organiser tools for the homeworker

For so many of us, the line between home and work has been blurred significantly in the
past two years. It’s no wonder we’re running out of space as we try to keep all the
accessories and documents from working from home tidy, while still operating in a fully
functional home with children, partners, and pets!

Help the woman who’s working from home with a selection of desk tidying gifts: phone and
laptop stands help her position everything optimally while taking up minimal space, while
desk drawer organisers and a multipurpose desk lamp that doubles up as a clock and phone
charger can work wonders.

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