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7 Eco-friendly Items That Look Cool, Too

24 Jul 2021 | Accessories, Gifts, Technology

Home > Accessories > 7 Eco-friendly Items That Look Cool, Too

Switching to eco-friendly products doesn’t need to be a difficult move, nor is it unstylish. In fact, the switch-over from plastic to wood has created some amazing looking everyday items that will look great in your home or on your office desk. Moreover, the immediate and long-term benefits to you and the planet are multiple, from healthier living to ensuring less waste in nature.

Let’s have a look at 7 eco-friendly items that also look great on display or in action.

Zero-Waste Shopping

From great-looking reusable canvas tote bags with cheeky messages to multi-coloured small cloth bags for vegetable shopping, there’s so much zero-waste shopping that looks great. Most brands now have eye-catching slogans and designs for their canvas tote bags and the “bags for life” sold by supermarkets are competing for looks and versatility.

In addition to the classic canvas tote bag, you can now opt for reusable produce bags to avoid putting vegetables and fruit in more plastic packaging. You can also invest in some colourful glass jars to keep your pasta, rice and beans in. Have some enviable cupboard shelves, while also getting discounts from some of the shops that reward customers for bringing in their own containers.

Recycled shopping bags

Recycled personal items

Some of the best looking fashion items these days have been made from repurposed or recycled materials. That’s good for your looks and for the planet. Some of our favourites include wallets made from non-recyclable vinyl that gets thrown away from advertising billboards, or shoulder bags made from recycled plastic bottles.

Greener fitness

Staying with the repurposed material trend, you can purchase yoga mats made from recycled plastic. They look really fetching and you’ll be the envy of everyone in your studio for the cool looks and the green credentials.

Wooden kitchen items

Instead of reaching for the plastic spoons and kitchen utensils out of habit, why not give plastic the cold shoulder and stick to wood instead? Its warm, soft colouring is friendlier and more stylish than the garish multi-coloured plastic accessories you find in shops. At the same time, you can accessorise your kitchen such that it all matches together in different wooden shades. 

kitchen utensils

Bamboo phone charger and holder

On your desk, why not add a sustainable bamboo holder for your smartphone, helping you see the screen more easily when notifications come in, but without sacrificing the style and looks for your desk?

Desk phone holder with branded logo and pen holder

Reusable coffee cups and lids

The ubiquitous takeaway coffee cup can have a great makeover, too! Instead of walking around town with disposable plastic cups and lids that all look the same, you can make a statement with a reusable set decorated in colours that match your outfit or your general style. No more throwing out cups and no more plastic pollution, all while looking cool.

white recycled coffee cup

Reusable lunch wraps

Now, this is something your friends will be asking you about! When you have your lunch break at the office or a picnic in the park, instead of packing your sandwiches in cellophane and adding more plastic to your food, not to mention the waste, opt for eco-friendly reusable wraps.

These come in all colours and will definitely catch everyone’s eye while starting a useful conversation about being eco-friendly. And you can use them again and again, so you’re saving money, too!

Being eco-friendly is not all about reducing your use and depriving yourself of things you might like to buy. You can still shop for stylish and cool-looking accessories, while being mindful of your consumption patterns and looking to reduce unnecessary expenses.

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