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7 Ideal Tech Gifts Your Staff Will Thank You For

19 Jun 2021 | Accessories, Gifts

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As a morale-lifting gesture or to increase productivity and comfort, tech-based gifts for your staff are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for their efforts and concern for their well-being. Of course, with so many of us working remotely, tech gifts from their company will also enable staff to share your brand colours and distinctive marketing with their family and friends. Use one or several of these 7 ideal tech gifts to brand and deliver to your staff: they’ll thank you for them and you’ll spread your brand image!

Temperature Control Smart Mugs

Smart mugs are simply amazing: they keep your drink at a controlled temperature, allowing you to carry on working without returning to a cold tea you might have forgotten about! A cup of coffee will stay hot for about an hour and a half after a smart mug has been fully charged, which will definitely last your staff through your next virtual team meeting.

Add your logo to the mug and it will also be a great branded gift.

Charging Smartphone Stand

Allow your staff to keep in touch with friends and family by glancing at their notifications while keeping productive at their desk. With a smartphone stand that also charges the phone while it rests on it, you have the opportunity to display a brand logo on the back while giving your employees a thoughtful and useful gift.

PPhone desk charger stand

Re-usable Water Bottle

Water bottles are one of the most useful – maybe not so techy – items we can have around these days. A filter water bottle especially can be very good to have by your desk while you’re working away, allowing you to stay hydrated. And they make excellent branding canvasses.

Blue Branded water bottle

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Give your team the gift of music or silence with some good-quality noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones they can don at their desk, on the daily commute, or when out running. With a small space for adding your logo, too, what’s not to like about this techy gift which is also extremely useful?

Black earphones

Air Purifier

This is a bit more upscale, but a worthy investment in the health of your team. An air purifier recirculates the air in your staff’s office, ensuring that it’s at the right quality and humidity levels. It’s a wonderful gift for any household, and your staff will definitely thank you for it.

Multi-Device Wireless Charger

Save space on the desk by using one wireless charger that can be hooked up to several items, from smartphones to watches to cameras, and beyond. A wireless charger also looks sleek and can fit a desk or kitchen cabinet really neatly. Ensure you add your logo onto it so it’s a marketing opportunity, too.

Soft Light Desk Lamp

The ultimate must-have tech item on anyone’s desk: an adjustable lamp with soft, warm light. This will brighten up darker days at the computer screen, while diffusing the type of light that reminds the brain of natural light sources. As a result, it creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere leading to increased productivity and a comfortable feeling as your team works.

Circular lamp

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