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7 Incredibly Useful Items to Buy for Your Home

21 May 2021 | Accessories, Events, Fun, Gifts

Home > Gifts > 7 Incredibly Useful Items to Buy for Your Home

We all have these penny-dropping moments: the times we discover some new and exciting item we wouldn’t normally add to our shopping list, but which turns out to make our home life so much easier. From gadgets to simple everyday things that you can’t live without after you’ve discovered them, here’s an essential list of incredibly useful items for your home.

Easy to use food containers

We all want to reduce food waste, and what better way to preserve leftovers than in an easily sealable, stylish-looking food container? The Portobello containers are great for keeping food in, with their stylish bamboo lid that can be personalized with your name or an uplifting message.

Glass launch box containers

Good-looking reusable bags

With more shops reducing the use of plastic bags, it’s more important than ever to carry a reusable tote. Having a fun, colorful one that looks great on your shoulder is a plus. The Beto are also great to have around the house for rounding up whatever you need to pack and take with you, not to mention that they fold down to small sizes and let you pop them in a handbag easily.

Reusable material bag to be used for anything, such as a shopping bag

A discreet and functional hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are here to stay and they provide a good alternative to washing hands, especially on the go. For kids or adults alike, a little PET refillable bottle with flip cap and a carabiner allowing it to be attached to a backpack or even a jeans belt loop is a great idea. You can customize these with your favorite logo or message, too.

Multi-purpose duvets

Whether you’re just tired after a long day or the nights are getting a bit chilly while you’re out on your balcony, it’s always handy to have some warm blankets or duvets around to wrap yourself in. It’s even better when they’re made from nice soft fleece, coming in soft colors and with a personalized printable card, too!

Warm fleece blanket to keep you warm during the cold winter nights

Quick-drying towels

You might think you’re doing just fine with your current towels, but especially on humid days, have you never been frustrated by the damp feel or the off smell your oft-used towels give? Especially in the kitchen, a quick-drying towel like Travis is an amazingly useful item that you can keep using without having to dump in the wash every other day.

Quick-drying towels, small to be able to fit in a small bag

A stylish smartphone stand

Helping you read without being hunched over, or position the phone so you can see the recipe you’re following when you’re in the kitchen, smartphone stands have become a must-have useful item around the house. Invest in a sustainable one made from bamboo with built-in charger, like Wire&Stand MO9692.

Convenient utensil holders

There is nothing more frustrating than looking in all the kitchen drawers for that one fish slice you need, or finding that stacking all your wooden spoons on top of one another is keeping them damp and not so clean-looking. Use one or two utensil holders to free up space in your drawers and make everything easy to see, too.

You can make up a whole set of useful containers and bowls made from sustainable bamboo, such as the Pepper salad bowl or the Wooden cheese board.

Wooden cheese board made out of bamboo

Whether you’re looking to save space or time, or just make your life a whole lot easier, these top useful items for your home are great additions to your next shopping trip. Enjoy all the benefits of extra peace of mind!

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