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9 Gifts to Boost Staff Morale During Lockdown

07 Apr 2021 | Accessories, Gifts, Technology

Home > Accessories > 9 Gifts to Boost Staff Morale During Lockdown

After almost a year of lockdowns, staff morale is at an all-time low for employees working from home, especially as the usual outlets of team building and after-hours drinks have disappeared completely. You may have been able to offer virtual events up to now, but if you’re running out of ideas to elicit some smiles, here are 9 lovely gifts to help boost morale.

Office essentials with a twist

Offer your employees some stylish recycled bamboo office essentials, such as a smartphone holder, a holder for pens and pencils, or a desk organizer. The warm wood tones combine a pleasant feel with an elegant look and create a professional, yet cozy atmosphere.

Music for relaxing… or energizing

Another great home office accessory can be a Bluetooth speaker in a pop of colour for energizing your staff while working, or in a muted tone to help them relax and unwind at the end of the day. Whether they play music as they work or take this out of the office on a day out, it’s a gift that’s sure to raise a smile.

A potted plant

A house plant is great for fresh air and morale, while looking nice in the background of any conference call. Choose succulents or an easy to maintain variety, so there is minimal input needed to keep it healthy. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows you appreciate them.

A soft fleece blanket

Sitting for extended periods of time can make us cold and a soft fleece blanket will be a cozy, comfortable way to warm up while still working. It’s also a great gift for lounging around after work, with a good book, on the sofa.

Scented candles

The relaxing smell of a scented candle is a classic relaxation catalyst for a reason. Send your work-from-home team a selection of scents to help them daydream of exotic holidays, boost their productivity, or allow them to unwind at the end of a busy day.

Personalized mugs

This might be a cliché item, but a personalized mug is still a great gift for the busy office worker. You could customize it with the company’s logo and a small detail that’s personal to the one you’re sending it to, or just their name, or even an inspirational quote.

Bamboo lunch box

More of a gift for post-lockdown days, this is a sustainable cutlery set plus food container that is both useful and stylish. You can personalize it with the company’s logo or name so you’re ensuring indirect advertising whenever your staff are eating out. Besides, it shows your commitment to their health as well as to the environment.

Tech gifts for all tastes

Whether you have a smartphone addict or a music lover, your staff will love charging cables and tech accessories such as Bluetooth headphones. Depending on their tastes, we suggest phone charging cables or a power bank with your logo on will work for anyone, and some rechargeable Bluetooth earbuds are a great accessory for listening to music or logging on to a conference call.

Yoga mats

This may look a little like you’re passing judgment on how active they are, but why not gift your team with company customized yoga mats and invite them all to a stretching session by video conference? Yoga or just stretching courses online have gained in popularity significantly during lockdown because of how much time we all now spend without moving from our desks, and they are great for your health and for your team building.

The end of lockdown is almost in sight for most of us, so why not keep your employees smiling and boost morale a bit more with these great thoughtful gifts?

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