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Back to the Office 2023: Stock up on Essential Branded

16 Jan 2023 | Accessories, Gifts, Stationery

Home > Accessories > Back to the Office 2023: Stock up on Essential BrandedMerchandise!

Heading back into the office after the holidays can be difficult and sometimes slow.
However, it’s a perfect time to take stock of your marketing plans for the year ahead, check
your branded merchandise, and start planning to restock. After all, no one organises too
many key events very early in the year, and you’ll have some more energy after the time off.
Here are some key “back to the office” items you should restock with to make sure your
branded merchandise is fresh and ready for the year ahead.

All the best notebooks

There’s never a time when notebooks aren’t needed around a busy office. In 2023, make it
easy for your employees to take notes in meetings and showcase your brand assets. The
KC7013 and MO9859 both come with their own pens attached, so they’re a dream for
taking anywhere. We particularly like the environmentally friendly materials and the stylish

Bags to take anywhere

It might be “back to the office” time, but how are all those documents and laptops going to
get carried around in the new year? A document bag like the Gibson will make your team so
happy. You can opt for navy blue or beige colour schemes and further personalise this bag
with your company logo.

As for functionality, this shoulder bag is padded and will protect valuables. Its straps look
stylish and a bit retro, and you have lots of practical side pockets to add various items as

Be ready for the conference season

All those big marketing events will be here before you know it! They are great opportunities
to subtly showcase your brand assets in a crowd. We like to use conference folders for this
because they look unassuming and not particularly aggressive from a sales perspective.
Besides, they’re extremely useful for all your colleagues as they allow them to carry all their
key notes, documents, and more.

Bring a smile to your desk

Yes, useful desk accessories like desk lamps and phone chargers are essential. But how
about brightening up the office with something that will make your team crack a smile?
Some of the funniest accessories can make a difference no matter what you’re working on.
We recommend keeping all loose change in a fun coloured piggy bank (why not in your
brand colours?). Also, be practical and fun at the same time with magnetic clips shaped like
little people. And finally, a little pine wooden clip holder can double up as the world’s
smallest pedestal for displaying a tiny reminder.

You can never have too many pens

This is true! Avoid having to awkwardly scrape around to find a pen to take notes, or to
bring along when you’re headed to a last minute meeting.
Instead, the new year is a good opportunity to fully restock with pens in all colours and
sizes. By ordering multi-coloured designs like the non-slip Caribe ball-point pens, you can
colour code your office and personal life, too. And you’ll be the one offering spare pens to
your coworkers!

If you like our suggestions and want to start ordering your merchandise, contact us and let’s
start planning together for a successful 2023!

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