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Banish the Cold in Style With These Branded Items

15 Oct 2021 | christmas, Events, Holidays

Home > christmas > Banish the Cold in Style With These Branded Items

Winter is fast approaching, autumn leaves changing colours and the chill in the air making
everything feel a little more festive, but also quite a lot colder. If you’re not a fan of the cold
air, don’t worry, these branded items have you covered and they are perfect for any
occasion, practical and comfortable.

Get warm and cozy with bodywarmers and puffer jackets

Start off in the early winter / late autumn season with a spring in your step thanks to the
Rostol Vest made from 100% polyester. It’s water and wind resistant and will make a perfect
mid-layer under a rain jacket, or a good warm layer to add on top of your clothing when it’s
not quite winter weather yet, but you’re feeling the chill.
You can choose from multiple colors and sizes and add branding to enhance your product’s

And, once it gets a bit colder, move to RPET recycled material jackets which keep you warm
while being kind to the environment. With Mitens jackets, you can again choose different
shades and enhance them with branding. Just like the bodywarmer, these are wind and
water resistant and will see you through a tough winter.

Layering up in soft colorful hoodies

When the seasons change, it’s often tough to get our clothing right, especially with cold
mornings and evenings but relatively milder temperatures in the middle of the day. Help
your body adjust to the weather change gradually thanks to our stylish, soft and warm

These come in a great range of colors and can be the perfect sporty layer when you’re off to
the gym, or can complement a casual look with jeans and a shirt underneath. Add logos,
brand names or messages for an extra cool look.

Fleeces really keep the cold away

For one other dependable mid-layer, opt for soft warm fleece tops which are absolute must-
have items on a hiking trip. They wick away sweat and help regulate your body temperature
while sheltering you from the wind and the cold. And, with the right jacket on top, you’ll be
feeling absolutely toasty in the middle of winter!
Versatile and dependable, fleece tops are available with a half-zip or full zip all the way to
your waist, to allow you to style them with whatever sort of outfit you prefer.

Smart gloves so you don’t miss a call

When we’re bundling up for winter, one of our pet peeves is receiving a phone call and
having to take our hands out of warm gloves to answer it. Not anymore with our
touchscreen gloves that let your hands stay warm while keeping you connected to your
smartphone as and when you need to be.

Snoods and neck warmers for the ultimate neck and head protection

If the fashion world has learned anything from sports, it’s that a good snood or neck warmer
can go a long way to keeping you warm with minimal fuss but maximum comfort. Choose form a range of colors and designs made to keep your neck and head warm, allowing for a number of combinations when wearing them. And, of course, branding is available on each.

Don’t let the cold change your plans when it comes to venturing out in nature or socializing,
no matter the temperatures! With these soft, comfortable and practical items, all made
from environmentally friendly materials, you’ll enjoy late autumn and look forward to the
end of year holidays in warmth and comfort.

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