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Best Corporate Gift Ideas Christmas 2021

30 Oct 2021 | christmas, Gifts, Holidays

Home > christmas > Best Corporate Gift Ideas Christmas 2021

It’s been a long year, full of challenges and interesting changes, so what better way to show
your appreciation of your team than by offering them something special for Christmas?
While Christmas gifts tend to be hit-and-miss, we think the following corporate gift ideas
will work a treat for those you care about at your work.

Care packages

Yes, self-care has been the word of the year! And for good reason… we’ve all been through
a lot and it’s now time to unwind, feel appreciated and harbor some positive feelings for the
world around us. Why not show your team how much you care for their well-being by
offering a generous care package including a few useful company branded items like
smartphone holders, pens and notebooks, and then top up with scented candles, a warm
fleece blanket, a relaxing essential oil and maybe a good, inspirational book!

Yellow notebook branded can be made too

Christmas gift hampers

One of the great corporate gifts, hampers with assorted Christmas goodies are always a hit.
Choose “a few of your favorite things” like roasted nuts, biscuits, wine and champagne, and
make sure to sprinkle some festive cheer with more indulgent extras and a personalized

Music and comfortable noise cancelling headphones

Mental health and escaping the daily grind are important elements of ensuring your team
performs their best and is motivated day after day. Help them unwind with a gift card for
Apple or Amazon Music and some unique noise cancelling headphones in your brand’s
colors and featuring your logo. Bliss!

headphones branded

Office warmers

Whether at home or in the office, creating extra comfort can make a huge difference now
that the cold winter days are starting. Offer a soft cushion and a warm fleece blanket for
your corporate Christmas gift, so your team can wrap up and feel better in front of their
screen or when they’re relaxing after work!

Virtual experiences to enjoy as a team

One of the great team-building innovations of 2020 has been the virtual experience where
you can all get to know each other better out of the office, but without necessarily travelling
away from home! As people’s schedules tend to get busier around the holidays, make sure
you book something well in advance or offer your team vouchers for organizing an event
after the holidays.

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