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Branded Merchandise for the Beach: Top Items for 2022

17 Jun 2022 | Accessories, Fun, Summer

Home > Accessories > Branded Merchandise for the Beach: Top Items for 2022

Hitting the beach is one of the highlights of summer months. From sunset beach parties and
concerts to hot days spent lazing by the shore, beach activities are synonymous with
summer and are also some of the best opportunities to use branded merchandise. Beach
towels, umbrellas, sports items and more, all give ample space to display brand names,
logos and slogans, as well as your defining colour scheme.
Here are some of our top picks of beach items for 2022.

Perfect sun protection

Whether you opt for a straightforward standard umbrella like the Dering or a reclining one
like the Parana, beach umbrellas give a lot of space for marketing messages. They come in
various colours that can be paired with other beach items like towels or frisbee discs for
corporate gift packets, too.

Sunglasses for all

We have a varied range of sunglasses in colours and styles that will suit any face shape,
taste and interest. The Santorini collection looks great at the beach or in the city, and you
can present them in a sunglasses pouch like the Tobol for an added thoughtful gesture.


Paddle without fear of the water

When you head out for a day in the kayak or stand-up paddle boarding, you need a way to
keep your spare clothes and other items dry. The Purus waterproof bag has a convenient
quick fastening system and a carabiner to attach it to yourself or your boat. With a capacity
of up to 1.5/2.5L, this will suit smaller charges, while you can also go up in size to the Volga
which holds 3.5/5L.


Playing in the sand

Beach balls are loved by everyone and a must-have item when you hit the sand. Why not
personalise a cute Karon ball with an inflatable toy inside for the kids? Or go for the
Paraguai, a multi coloured inflatable ball that features bright hues and is ready to bounce.

Elevate beach comfort

Be the envy of everyone on the beach with your beach pillow! The Timor is easy to bring
with you anywhere as it folds down small and you can inflate it in no time. It comes in
different colours to put a pop of brightness on your beach towel and can be personalised
with any branding or messaging you would like.


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