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5 Essential Branding Tips for Summer Events

03 May 2024 | Events

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Longer days, warmer temperatures and a calendar that’s filling up to the brim are signs that summer is just around the corner. For brands, this can only mean one thing: it’s time to get your planning hat on for a season full of fun events! Whether you’re planning your own company gatherings, attending summer events to expand your network, or sponsoring a fun event taking place in the summer – every type of summer event is an opportunity to elevate your brand’s image!

Let’s face it, summer is the most popular season for a reason. The good weather means that companies can choose from many different activities for their summer events, and those attending are more likely to have a good time. Would a music festival have the same allure if it took place in the middle of a cold winter? We don’t think so. 

If you’re looking for a way to make the most out of your events this summer, then look no further. We’re sharing our top five branding tips for brands to keep in mind when planning their events.

1. Make Your Team Known

Both for practical and safety purposes, brands should make sure that their team can be recognised in a crowd. A simple way to do this is by having your team wear a branded lanyard, or better yet, a branded shirt that makes them easy to spot. By making your team known, event attendees will be able to approach your staff if they have any questions or need assistance throughout the event.

2. Create a Space to Connect

No matter the scale of your event, creating a space where your attendees can connect with you is a great way to show you care. This can be done by creating a stand where people can drop by and get information about your brand. You can also use this opportunity to offer your visitors special freebies or deals on your products and services, or to create new leads for your business. If you really want to capture your audience’s attention, consider creating branded backdrops and signage to make yourself stand out.

3. Treat your Visitors

What’s a summer event without any merchandise? Whether you’re attending an event on behalf of your company or organising your own, be sure to create some cool and relevant seasonal merchandise to give to your event attendees or visitors. Creating branded merchandise has many benefits for brands, and there are plenty of summer-ready gifts to choose from. Additionally, you can use food and drinks to treat your visitors. And if you’re feeling creative, why not make them branded too?

4. Make it Memorable

Have you ever noticed that the more fun you’re having, the quicker time seems to fly by? The summer months tend to pass before we get a chance to stop and reflect on everything that’s going on. So why not find a unique way to make your events memorable, even once they’re over? From incorporating funky photo booths in your event, to co-ordinating photography and videography to share footage with your visitors or attendees later on – a picture is a guaranteed way to create memories to last a lifetime!

5. Ensure your Summer Events Reflect your Brand Purpose

With so many different types of summer events to choose from, it’s important to ensure that the events you pick to host, sponsor, or attend align with your brand’s overall purpose. This will help you connect with the right people, while also reinforcing your brand’s values and mission through branding. For example, attending corporate events can help you reach a suitable business audience. Setting up a stand at a summer festival, on the other hand, can help you connect with audiences in a more casual setting.

There’s no right or wrong way to prepare for your summer events, but if you are planning on expanding your summer calendar, we highly recommend leveraging the power of branding to get the most out of your events. 

Ready to discuss your summer event branding options? Our team at Print&Merchandise is your go-to for all your design and merchandising needs! Get in touch with us for a free consultation today!

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