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Christmas Shopping in 2020

09 Dec 2020 | Accessories, christmas, Events, Fun, Games, Gifts

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Because of the movement restrictions many of us are experiencing this winter, coupled with many shops being unable to open during Coronavirus-related closures around the world, there is no secret that Christmas shopping will look very different in 2020.

How can you make the most of the options available for you in the run-up to Christmas and how can you still ensure an ethical shopping spree this holiday season? Here are a few suggestions to help source your gifts for family and friends whilst avoiding any last-minute stress.


Online Shopping is Dominating 2020

From essentials to gifts and pampering items, online shopping has surged exponentially in 2020. In the UK alone, shoppers have taken to supermarket shopping on the Internet because of lockdown restrictions, leading to 102.7% year-on-year rise in online supermarket shops.

At the same time, outfits like Amazon are announcing that pandemic sales have tripled profits. On the one hand, this is making it clear that you can rely on these online platforms to do all your Christmas shopping this year, as vendors will be rushing to showcase their products there. On the other hand, you may be worrying about the impact this is having in your own community, on small shops which have been forced to shut during the pandemic and may not be able to ensure online shopping or an appropriate delivery service to allow you to buy and send gifts online.

Tips for Alleviating Christmas Shopping Stress

Based on the trends above, there are two approaches to Christmas shopping: you can head over to online platforms and purchase as much of your gifts early, to beat the rush and pressure on the postal service during peak delivery periods. Or, you can combine that with new approaches to Christmas gifts that will be more eco-friendly and supportive of your community.


Start your shopping earlier

Postal services are likely to have to work harder this year as so many of us are sending gifts to loved ones, rather than visiting them in person. This is all the more true for those who live abroad or at long distance from us.

To avoid any last-minute delays, start looking for gifts early and look into delivery services to where you want to send them.


Don’t rely on delivery services

Rather than pin all your Christmas shopping hopes on delivery services which can add to the cost and your carbon footprint, why not purchase some gifts that can be delivered later? You can always video-chat with your gift recipients and let them know that surprises are in store for them for when you can meet up next! As long as they’re not young children, they will definitely understand the situation.

Keep Smiling as you Ace Christmas Shopping 2020

Despite the shop closures, gloomy outlook and delivery woes that this year’s Christmas shopping seems to hold in store, there are ways to still make your loved ones smile this year, opening a present that’s delivered early and locally or simply embracing different approaches to gift giving in 2020. Happy Christmas!


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