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Enjoy the outdoors with a new suite of branded products

20 May 2022 | Accessories, Fun, Gifts

Home > Accessories > Enjoy the outdoors with a new suite of branded products

As the weather heats up and the sun is shining, it’s time to support some outdoor activities
at work and at home. For your teams, here are some brand new products that you can offer
as gifts on your next company day out. And for your partners and clients, why not give them
some practical presents that will remind them of your relationship while also being very
useful indeed?
Here are 7 great branded merchandise ideas to take you through an early summer day

The Villa picnic backpack

For an all-in-one backpack when you head out on a picnic, the Villa delivers in style. With a
removable blanket to keep you warm or provide a great base to sit on, it also features a
thermos to carry hot drinks in. The inside of the bag has been designed to fully cover all
your needs on a stylish picnic: full set of 12 stainless steel cutlery items, 4 plates, cups,
cotton napkins, salt and pepper shakers, a chopping board and a corkscrew. All you need to
add is some food, of course!

The picnic backpack will surprise everyone on your hike and will certainly be a talking point
of the trip.

Don’t get lost

To orient yourself in the outdoors, start with a handy compass like Zigmund, with stylish
gold details that set it apart from the usual outdoor apparel.

Pocket knives for all occasions

There are many times when you need a pocket knife when out and about, whether it’s to
prepare food or to repair a piece of clothing, sort out any mechanical issues on your tent or
any other ideas that might come up. We have a collection with safety lock and clips, so they
are always fine to bring along regardless of the company.

Let there be light

No matter how much longer days appear to be getting, you should still always carry with
you a small torch just in case you are out for a bit longer and it’s getting dark. Some of our
smaller options include Flashy – an aluminium torch with 9 LEDs and a comfortable small
loop handle.

The do-it-all carabiner

A great gift for any outdoor lover, the Close multi-purpose carabiner fits on any backpack
and can be used to carry foldable cups, keys, rope or anything else of use. And it doubles as
a bottle opener!

Smartphone armbands to keep your music with you

Keep your music and data with you within easy reach by using an armband while you’re out
jogging or walking in the woods. The Bryant allows you to still use the phone through the protective screen and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your smartphone is protected
from scratches or water.

Bring your own blanket

For a comfortable break on the grass wherever you are, or to keep you warm by the
campfire, bring a polar fleece blanket available in a multitude of colours and options. With
removable handles, these blankets roll up and are easy to transport by attaching to a
backpack or rolling into a bigger bag.

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