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Feels Like Summer: Hot Summer Merch for Cool Brands

21 Mar 2024 | Corporate Merchandise, Summer

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The days are getting longer and the temperatures are slowly rising, which can only mean one thing: summer is just around the corner! For companies, summer is the perfect time to organise staff parties, attend networking events and treat your customers and team members to some super hot summer merchandise! 

If you’re planning ahead for your summer branding campaigns, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of excellent summer merchandise ideas that will keep your team and customers happy, and a little bit cooler, over the summer.

Make your company stand out with cool branded merch that can be used anywhere, from the beach to the club!

The Unexpected Summer Merchandise Idea: Sunblock

Here us out: sunblock may sound a tad boring, but it’s actually a handy and thoughtful gift idea for summer. Everybody needs sunblock over the summer, but not everyone goes out to get some for themselves. By gifting your team and clients a bottle of branded sunblock, you’re conveying the message that your brand is a brand that cares. You’re also associating your brand with fun; whether your recipients are taking a day trip to the beach, or travelling to a hot and sunny country, you’ll be there with them the whole way!

Sunblock bottle with logo for summer merchandise

The Fun-loving Idea: Beach balls

A game of volleyball by the sea? Yes, please! Light, bright, and always fun – a beach ball is the perfect summer merchandise idea for fun-loving brands. Add your brand logo, choose your brand colours and share a happy message for your clients and team, and you’ve got yourself a great gift that will set the right tone for your summer campaign. Bonus points if you give these away at a summer beach party!

Beach ball

The Classy Summer Idea: Cocktail Cups

If you still use single-use plastic cups in 2024, it’s time to turn the tide! Show that your brand cares about sustainability by promoting reusable cups, whether they’re made of durable plastic or glass. A cocktail cup is a classic gift idea for summer merchandise, which can be reused for years to come whenever your recipients are in the mood for their favourite drinks. Branded cocktail cups send the message that your brand is elegant and sophisticated, while also being environmentally-conscious.

Cocktail Cup

The Practical Summer Merchandise Idea: Beach Towels

When thinking about summer essentials, beach towels will probably spring to the top of your mind. It’s a practical idea for summer gifts, which also gives you the freedom to have fun with your designs with lots of space to add funky prints, cool colours or a message from your brand. You could also keep it simple with a brand logo – the choice is yours! Either way, your recipients will put this gift to good use as they enjoy long, relaxing days by the water!

Beach towel with company logo for summer merchandise

The Cool Summer Idea: Hand Fans

Something about hand fans makes them so effortlessly cool. Whether you’re at the beach or at a party, a hand fan is a fabulous accessory to carry around with you. The compact size of this gift makes it easy to store in a handbag, ready to be pulled out as soon as the temperatures begin to rise. If you’re looking for a summer merchandise idea that your recipients will be grateful for – a hand fan is the way to go!

hand held fan for summer

Do you have any other ideas for summer merchandise? Drop us a line at or call us on +356 2703 6646 to find the best merchandise options for your company this summer!

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