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Gear Up for Your Perfect Autumn Hiking Trip!

23 Oct 2021 | Accessories, Events, Holidays

Home > Accessories > Gear Up for Your Perfect Autumn Hiking Trip!

Going outside is always good for the brain and the more time we spend in the sunshine, the
healthier and happier we are. Despite the days getting shorter and colder, autumn is still a
brilliant time for a hiking trip. Admire the changing leaves, go foraging for chestnuts and
wild berries, and enjoy the crisp air, just perfect for a boost of energy and for setting you up
for a lovely, warm drink on your return.
But what should you wear to stay warm and comfortable and enjoy your trip to the
Here are 5 top picks for any autumn trip.

Warm necks and heads with the perfect snood

Wear it around your neck to keep you warm or wrap it around your head and defy that
chilly breeze. The Meifar Neck Warmer is made from polyester and polar fleece, making it
lightweight but effective against the cold.
Moreover, it comes in so many colors it will fit any outfit, and you can wear it around town
as well!

The multi-tool you didn’t know you needed

Until you have to cut up some cloth to patch up a hole in your hiking trousers or – more fun!
– you’re looking for a way to open the bottle of wine you brought for your mid-hike picnic,
you might not think you need a Swiss army knife.
Fear not, the Folanx multitool is the perfect answer to most hiking and on-the-move needs
as they arise. Made from bamboo and stainless steel, it looks great and performs
wonderfully. Pop it in your rucksack and always have it on a day out.

Stay hydrated with stylish bottles

We’re nearing Christmas so why not start sporting some seasonally designed drink bottles
that will make you look great and stay hydrated on the move?
Add the Raltex stainless steel bottle to your rucksack and enjoy your crisp autumn walks with a few welcome drink breaks.

Don’t skimp on the shoes!

No matter what you wear on your autumn trip, good hiking shoes are very important. Invest
in good-quality, waterproof and breathable materials that keep you going in all terrains and
regardless of the weather. Autumn is notorious for changing from lovely sunny days to wind
and rain, so you don’t want to be caught out.

Waterproof cases and bags

Another prosaic item but something that proves so valuable on an autumn trip (remember
what we said about the rain?) can be some waterproof bags in a variety of sizes. They can
protect your phone and valuables, and in a bigger one you can store a change of clothes in
case you do get caught out in the rain while out hiking.

The best thing about these is that they also help organize your rucksack, making items
easier to find. And they’re great branding opportunities, too, as you can add a brand logo or
company name to them, making them great corporate gifts.

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