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Getting Organised in the New Year: Start 2022 on the Right Foot

04 Jan 2022 | Accessories, Gifts

Home > Gifts > Getting Organised in the New Year: Start 2022 on the Right Foot

New year, new challenges – and new goals! 2022 can be the year of achieving new long
overdue targets, hitting your goals at home, in the office or in the gym, or planning a long-
awaited holiday to somewhere new.

How to do all this while staying organised and efficient? Here are 5 essential “get organised”
items that anyone can use to succeed in the new year.

Organise your desk with a wooden hold-all for devices

Our desks are always so cluttered, so why not make it easier to find all your devices, cables
and pens with a desk organiser that looks stylish and helps you out as well? We recommend
a recycled wood design that is sleek and functional at the same time, to put away
smartphone, tablet, charging cables and writing implements.

Clear plastic drawer organisers

Wherever you are, from the office to the kitchen drawers to your bathroom, the ability to
separate items and see them clearly with quick access will change your life. Investing in a set
of clear plastic containers, of different sizes, allows you to do just that. Categorise all items
according to how often you use them, their destination, or even by colour, and see them all
at a glance by splitting your drawers up with clear dividers. A dream!

Multi-tiered shoe shelves

These may seem like a no-brainer, yet so many of us trip over an array of shoes left over by
the front door. Stacking them on a multi-tiered shoe shelf where you can see them while
they don’t get in the way is one simple way to organise your entryway and make yourself
more efficient.

Mini LED stick-on lights

How many times have you struggled to find things in a dark wardrobe, through deep kitchen
drawers or in pantries without built-in lights? Installing additional lighting can be painful,
requiring significant amounts of work and maybe not delivering the desired result.
With a set of mini LED stick-on lights, you’ll have access to lighting anywhere you need it at
the touch of a button, and the flexibility of removing them from the spot if you no longer
need them. Lighten up your darkest corners in complete autonomy!

Hanging closet organisers

For a children’s room or for wherever you’re short of space, a linen closet organiser that
hangs from existing racks can be a lifesaver. Instead of losing space by hanging all your clothing on hangers, using these shelving units allows you to maximise a small flat or room.
It will save you time browsing through your wardrobe and make you more efficient in 2022!

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