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Happy Valentine’s Day 2023! 5 Corporate Gifts to Show Your

23 Jan 2023 | Events, Gifts

Home > Events > Happy Valentine’s Day 2023! 5 Corporate Gifts to Show YourAppreciation

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a couple’s romantic holiday, of course. But, that doesn’t
mean it cannot be an opportunity to show appreciation to other people in your life. In fact,
it is an excellent time to give a team gift or even to nominate someone for an office award.
We’ve picked five easily customisable corporate gifts you can use around this time of year.

Stress-relieving hearts

There are so many ways in which we can repurpose the ubiquitous lovers’ hearts around
Valentine’s Day. So let’s jump on the trend.
With a stress ball shaped as a red heart full of love, you can show your team that you
understand that, sometimes, the going gets tough, and a pep talk won’t get you out of it.

But there’s more to hearts than a stress ball! We also recommend anti-stress key rings (also
little hearts) and a relaxing candle gift. The SWEET is a great gift for at home
or at the office. You can add stickers with your branding on the front and it’s a present that
you know will be used and enjoyed at any time of year.

Refined drinks

For the whisky lovers among your staff, why not offer a special edition stainless steel and
bamboo set that will help them enjoy their favourite beverage even more? The Devon
whisky set features a stylish glass, reusable ice cubes in stainless steel and matching tongs
and bamboo coaster. It looks cool and will be even cooler with a bottle alongside, of course!

Wine and dine

Wines are also popular for Valentine’s Day’s gifts, but why not offer a twist on the classic
bottle with some well thought-out presents?
The Boriax wine set comes in an elegant bamboo case. You can then add the gift receiver’s
favourite bottle of wine to a perfect set of accessories: corkscrew, capsule cutter, stopper,
dispenser and drip collector. What more could a wine lover wish for?

Chess and mate

But go one step further on the wine journey and offer your colleagues who love chess, too,
something truly special. The Chess Wine Set is unique: an original set of chess pieces ready
to play with AND some fantastic accessories for enjoying a special bottle of wine.
The chess pieces are all in high-quality wood and the wine accessories are made of stainless
steel and wood. Close the box and the game can start!

Show you care

What can be more loving than looking after someone, ensuring they are always safe? For
those with sporty, outdoorsy interests, a reflective, fluorescent band makes them always
visible to traffic or other people. Enhance your special gift by going for the red colour to
make it more Valentine-adjacent. Whoever receives this will know you care for them!

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