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Head into 2023 with top planners and diaries

21 Nov 2022 | christmas, Gifts, Holidays

Home > christmas > Head into 2023 with top planners and diaries

As the year winds down and we prepare for Christmas holidays, the time is here for
thoughtful and practical branded gifts like planners, diaries and other time keeping tools.
These are useful in the office, at home, school, and beyond, so will be great promotional
gifts for your customers or business partners. They make an equally appropriate and
appreciated gift for your colleagues and employees as they, too, start thinking about their
goals and plans in the new year.

Here are our top 5 recommendations for 2023 planning-related gifts.

Sleek and elegant notebooks

Look no further than the Woody collection for sleek A5 notebooks in a wooden pattern.
These turn heads and are super practical for taking with you wherever you go, planning the
day or just taking notes at meetings.
The wood-inspired look makes these notebooks unique, and you can choose different hues
including blues and greys to tell various notebooks apart (for example, office vs. home

Create a fully customised diary

You can apply branding onto a fully customisable agenda – the paper cover notebook in the
NOTE collection comes in A4, A5 and A6 sizes and can feature a range of images and designs
on the cover.
This diary is a great corporate gift in all three sizes, allowing professionals to take their key
appointments and notes with them, while also giving them more space on a desk-sized
notebook. And, for families and friends, the customisable front cover can feature pretty
much anything that represents them or your company, on a book useful for shopping lists,
appointment keeping and more.

Small and mighty

Take all appointments with you on the go or jot down notes quickly in the A5 hardcover
HAP notebooks. These are excellent for bringing to meetings, especially for those who
travel a lot, and can help plan out the week or write down to-do lists for the whole family.
You can customize these by adding your branding on the covers, but also with your logo on
each page or with full-colour additional sheets to make them even more appealing.

Extra visible notes

When planning the week ahead or even several months at a time, there are always
unforeseen elements that come up. If you’ve filled in your diary, you might be thinking
you’re out of luck fitting everything in – fear not, a hard cover ComboNote COMB01 is the
answer to this! Highlight the parts of your notebook you need to go back to, write up little
additions on different colours and add them to your worksheet, and insert little notes in
between your planner’s sheets. All fully customisable of course, to include your branding as
and where you need it.

And some tech

Finally, for a bit of extra tech, offer the Ilse desk set to your colleagues to let them quickly
glance at a range of data while going about their day. This station includes a clock and
alarm, but also a calendar, a thermometer and a hygrometer. It’s a great gift for those who
like gadgets, but also a useful way to add some information to a busy desk without
overwhelming it.

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