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How to Celebrate Easter in Lockdown Despite the Restrictions

22 Mar 2021 | Events, Fun, Gifts, Holidays

Home > Events > How to Celebrate Easter in Lockdown Despite the Restrictions

Easter 2021 will still each a lot of us in some form of lockdown: whether bars, pubs and restaurants are shut where you live, or getting together with relatives and friends is still restricted to some degree, it seems that many families will need to resort to at-home fun and some form of outdoor creative activities to enjoy the Easter festivities for another year.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty still to do. Here are some fun ideas to celebrate Easter with kids and make the most of the beginning of spring.

Easter activities for all ages

Enhance your Easter egg hunt

The traditional egg hunt at Easter is thankfully an activity that we can all organize in parks or in our back gardens. It’s a perennial favorite for young children, but you can also scale it up for adults.

Some ideas for updating the egg hunt this Easter include:

Make it active

Instead of getting your hunters to look for chocolates, hide little cards with activities on them or small challenges. If it’s a nice day, this is a great way to get active and moving. Of course, count on having a reward for each well-performed activity.

Reverse it

How about getting the children to hide the eggs while you’re sipping your morning coffee? Then, it’s up to you to go looking. See how well you do! Reward the best-hidden egg.

Do some navigating

If you have older kids or there’s a group of adults involved, how about making the egg hunt into a navigation challenge? This requires a bit more upfront preparation, but you could draw a map with some clues and give everyone a copy, then see who finds the eggs first.

Alternative outdoor activities

You can do a range of Easter-themed activities without sticking to the egg hunt… but still using “eggs” in most cases!

Organize an egg and spoon race

This can be done with plastic or rubber eggs instead of the real ones so you remove some of the risk and associated mess.

Egg obstacle race

Get your children to carry an egg they need to look after through various obstacles in order to reach a chocolate reward. You can create tunnels from paper, get them to pass under tables, climb small ladders or jump over cushions.

Go on a daffodil walk

Themed walks are great in spring because there are so many plants and animals to see and learn about. When the daffodils are out, a walk amongst them instantly lifts spirits thanks to their jovial yellow color. You can also check your local garden centers for suggested nature walks (some organize lamb petting zoos around this time, too!).

Have a fun Easter indoors

If you can’t get access to a park or a large garden, here are some other creative ways to enjoy a themed Easter day in the family.

  • Play an Easter-themed game of Scrabble;
  • Dye eggs together;
  • Have a painting/drawing contest of Easter-themed items, from bunnies to daffodils;
  • Create an indoor egg hunt (smaller scale, but still fun).

No matter where or how you’re celebrating Easter this year, stay safe and enjoy the upcoming spring!

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