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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out in 2023: The Art of Visual

30 Jan 2023 | Accessories, Gifts

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Marketing is a tricky game. The content sources and platforms we access it on are
constantly changing. In 2022, we’ve seen a marked rise in the popularity of short video apps
like TikTok and the new YouTube #shorts option. We’re also constantly being reminded of
the ever shorter attention span of consumers.

What’s the best way to make your brand stand out visually in 2023? Branded merchandise
goes a long way to making your brand assets visible everywhere. It is relatively subtle and
can match most occasions without being garish.

Read on to find out 5 top tips to make your branded merchandise stand out in 2023.

  • Simplicity is key

When coming up with logos and brand colour schemes, don’t over complicate things.
Consumers will not remember intricate designs. They also won’t necessarily associate your
name with something they can’t understand and digest quickly.

Think of busy retail conferences where every organisation is trying to showcase their key
features. After a long day meeting multiple new people, attending talks and being
inundated with colours, lights and sounds, would you be more likely to retain a simple, cleat
cut logo, or a complex picture with many different colours?
This is why we recommend streamlining your branded kit as much as possible. Focus on two
or three key colourways and keep your design as clear as you can.

  • Be memorable

Simplicity and being memorable go hand in hand. Think of extremely successful logos like
that of Nike or Coca-Cola. There just isn’t all that much there: the super famous swoosh, the
easy to read name on a clear background… two colours at the most. The result? You would
know who those brands are in a heartbeat.

Making your branded clothing or merchandise eye catching is difficult, but well worth the
effort. Start by distilling your company vision and key offerings down to the simplest visual
representations. If your brand name is particularly significant, use it in a key colour against a
contrasting background. If, however, you’re more visual and have a cool logo, don’t add
anything else to your branded merchandise: the key colour scheme and the logo will keep
your image in people’s minds the most effectively.

  • Be repeatable

When you come up with a visual identity for your branded merchandise, don’t just focus on
one medium. Whatever colour scheme or design works on a beach umbrella will not replicate as well on a cosmetics bag, for example. Consider all the types of merchandise you
would like to use for branding. Additionally, think of logos and colour combinations that will
look good on different types of fabric / materials.

The more you can replicate the original design, the more you save in time and initial
marketing costs.

  • Know your audience

This really should have been tip #1, but it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book! To come up
with an effective visual representation for your brand, you need to ensure that you know
who you’re addressing your marketing towards.

For younger audiences, certain symbols or colour schemes will make so much more sense
than for a different age group. Similarly, what works in corporate settings doesn’t translate
quite so well to a beach resort.

Conduct some audience research before you settle on your visual identity, and it will pay

  • Be present

Finally, once you’ve created your logo, your visual identity and a few variations in colour
schemes and designs, start putting content out there. Sponsor events, get your name on
popular merchandise, and give away freebies. Everyone loves gifts, so don’t be afraid to
invest in a number of gifts upfront to establish your presence in the market.

The beauty of this approach is that you can start relatively small, with pens and sun hats and
key rings, for example. Then, as your budget increases, look at simple but useful branded
items like umbrellas and T-shirts – items that will be picked up anywhere and that the end
users will wear and help promote your name with as a result.

Remember that growing brand awareness takes time, whichever channel or initiative you
choose. However, keeping your branded merchandise clear, simple, useful and present in as
many places as possible will help ensure that your marketing efforts get repaid sooner than
you’d think!

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