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How to pack like a pro for your next business trip

16 Oct 2020 | Events, Gifts, Stationery, Technology, Travel

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Going on a business trip can be exciting, but also a bit stressful as you think of all the scenarios you might find yourself in. Besides, your boss, colleagues, or clients will get to know you after hours, so you want to be on your best behaviour and not miss anything!

That’s why packing efficiently is essential when going on a work trip. Let’s have a look at the top tips on how to pack like a pro for your next business trip.

Start with a checklist

The best way to make sure you don’t forget the essentials is to tick them off a list. But it’s not just about putting pen to paper; have a think about the trip and what you know of the itinerary. What sort of outfits are needed? How many different meetings will you head to? Is there going to be time off and, if so, what are you planning to do during it?

This will help you get an idea of the type and amount of clothing you need, accessories, and other essentials.


Don’t forget the basics

It’s a good idea to fold and lay everything you plan to take out in front of you, then go through them one by one. Basics like socks, underwear, and essential toiletries shouldn’t be left until last! Use a simple toiletries bag to keep all those items in one place and easy to locate.

If you’re taking make-up and jewellery, we recommend separate bags, in different colours, for each. This will make them easy to spot and locate in your bag, too.


Pack versatile clothing

An old pro tip: don’t pack an entire outfit for every occasion… or you’ll look like you’ve packed for weeks away when you show up with a huge suitcase! Pick items you can re-style in different outfits, like a versatile skirt or pair of trousers.


Bring a few “just-in-case” items

Ever found yourself needing something small yet useful like safety pins when you’re on a trip? There a few easy items you can bring with you that serve multiple purposes and can get you out of a jam:

  • Wet wipes
  • Safety pins
  • A few plasters
  • A multi-purpose balm (for chapped lips, cracked skin, soothing insect bites etc.)

Think of the weather

You can’t plan for every circumstance, but a quick look at the weather forecast will help you plan for some of them. You may need some additional items like an umbrella, a poncho, or alternatively, sunglasses and a sunhat! In either weather, it’s good to be prepared.


Don’t forget your chargers

With the amount of gadgets we use on a daily basis, you can’t leave home without the chargers you need. For travelling, it’s a good idea to use a multi-plug USB hub for ease, or power banks. They keep your phone charged, however long the journey.


Finishing touches

Don’t forget a luggage tag and a nice ribbon or mascot to help identify your bag, especially if flying and collecting it in the airport.

Other great ideas for a relaxing trip are a neck pillow and a document holder to tidy everything away and give you peace of mind.

Travelling for work or pleasure can be stressful if you let it, but if you pack right and plan ahead, there is no reason for things not to go swimmingly. So use these tips to prepare for your next business trip and arrive stress-free and ready for work!

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