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Keeping Cool In Summer: Must-Have Office Accessories

10 Jun 2022 | Accessories, Fun, Summer

Home > Accessories > Keeping Cool In Summer: Must-Have Office Accessories

When everyone else is out enjoying their summer holidays, some of us still have to man the
fort back at the office! However, staying comfortable in the heat of summer does require
some accessories that will make office life more fun and enjoyable.

As corporate gifts for your team to make an office or home working space more
comfortable, or as means to make your brand known all around, these items are our top
recommendations when it comes to summer comfort.

A super flexible desk lamp

Make more room on your desk with this small multi-functional lamp that charges your
phone wirelessly and has an extremely flexible design to direct light wherever you need it.
The Ozzel looks great in all seasons, on any desk.

A stylish speaker

The unique Pyon wireless speaker looks fresh and blends into a well-lit office, while
providing some tunes to work to. Its beautiful design in wheat straw fibre is enhanced by
the functional silicone handle which makes it easy to transport wherever you need it.

Hand fans

Why not gossip behind some hand fans when you have your coffee break? Colourful
Guaviare hand fans are a nice small accessory to make available for anyone visiting the
office or for those stuck at home who want to have a bit of fresh air.


Keeping drinks cool

If you don’t have an office fridge or a canteen area, working throughout the summer while
drinking warm water can be a real downer. To avoid this, use a Repurpose Cooler which lets
you keep drinks, salads and fruit cool during the hottest days.

Bring your lunch in style

Another great thermal option for the summer is the Lolla cooler bag – a stylish tote with a
zipper closure, ideal for taking to the beach or to the office with some cool drinks and / or
your lunch and snacks. Colourful and light, it’s a great accessory to use all summer long.

Sleek water bottles

To avoid any plastic waste, replace your takeaway bottles with double wall stainless steel
ones like the Norre bottles. Their cool colouring and minimalist design make them look
great on a desk, and they are great at keeping drinks cool or hot for several hours.


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