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Liven Up Your Home This Autumn With These Small and Useful Items

25 Sep 2021 | Accessories, Gifts, Holidays

Home > Accessories > Liven Up Your Home This Autumn With These Small and Useful Items

When it comes to renovating or replacing old items in the home, we often worry about
having to spend a lot of money to make big changes. However, home additions can be small
and still make an impact, which is why we’ve put together a few ideas that can liven up your
home without taking up too much of your budget. The bonus: all of these can be
personalised to suit your branded merchandise needs, so you can make them into corporate
gifts or rewards, too.

Level up your cooking surface

Add a small item to your worktop that will make all the difference in the kitchen: a small
bamboo stand for a cookbook, tablet or phone. The Holder Delim is small but packs a punch.
Made from bamboo, it looks stylish and blends into your kitchen design. Finally, it can be
enhanced with a company logo to make a marketing statement.

Switch to reusable glassware

The range of reusable glassware with stylish bamboo tops such as the Mug Kipal makes it
easy to store lots of food and drink items in the kitchen without resorting to plastic and
single-use packaging. Adding a whole set to your kitchen makes it look cohesive and quite
well thought-out, too, while also looking really good in front of guests at the dinner table.


Laptop stands you can take anywhere

As the days get shorter and you feel like putting your feet up as you keep writing those
emails, it’s better to place your laptop on a comfortable stand that you can take anywhere
in the home. Have a look at the joyful coloured Holder Ryper which comes in different hues
and can be personalised further. It’s great to use at home or outdoors, too.

Safety before anything

Worried about what’s going on in your home when you go on holiday? Do you want to have
a way to supervise the front door when you’re cooking a barbecue? For any of these needs,
installing a small and unintrusive smart camera is an excellent solution. Personalise it with a
company logo for further customisation, too.

Small camera

Memories to look back on

Displaying pictures from important events or wonderful holidays is a great way to liven up
the atmosphere in your home and ensure your spirits are lifted when you’re feeling down.
Photo frames make excellent home additions, take up very little space and can be
purchased in a multitude of colours and styles to suit the style and design of your home.

Listen to the radio

For some relaxing time away from screens, rest your eyes and lie back on the sofa listening
to a radio that looks good, too. This small radio alarm clock with a bamboo face fits right at
home in your bedroom or in a corner of your living room. Listen to music, catch up with the
news, or have it by your bedside to wake you up in the morning!

small wooden radio and alarm clock

Aromatherapy at your fingertips

When the day comes to a close and you want to dream of a faraway destination or slip back
into some old memories, scents can have an amazing effect to help elicit all those feelings
and recollections. Aromatic candles in stylish jars with a bamboo lid can make beautiful
additions to the home, helping you relax and enjoy a daydream or an evening of escapism.

Making your home more welcoming, more practical, or more stylish can be a matter of just
some small changes and carefully deployed items. Whether you opt for these home
additions or others, you don’t need to spend too much money or make drastic changes to
feel a little different, so give it a try!

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