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Make Your Christmas Party Memorable With These 5 Goody Bag Items

19 Nov 2021 | christmas, Gifts

Home > christmas > Make Your Christmas Party Memorable With These 5 Goody Bag Items

You’re finally throwing a Christmas party after months of anticipation. Food, drink, music,
decorations, all are absolutely on point and ready to wow your guests. But, it’s Christmas
after all… the time for giving and surprising!

How about making your Christmas party even more memorable by featuring these 5 items
in your goody bag? These work great for staff parties or corporate networking events,
where you can make your brand reach further thanks to the personalization options
available on each item.

Personalized pen and notebook sets

Everyone takes notes constantly, so they’ll never have enough pens and notebooks. Make
yours even better by choosing sleek bamboo designs made from recycled materials. Add
your logo or your brand colors for extra recognition.


Scented candles

For the day after the party, when they’ll want to unwind and re-energize, help your guests
relax with a soothing scented candle that goes great with a good book or a lazy evening by
the fire. Put your logo on it, and they’ll think of you as they enjoy themselves.


Portable battery / power bank

No one ever has enough of these! A small, portable power bank for phones and devices can
be branded with your name, logo, and even a fun design. They’ll be appreciated by all types
of guests and taken everywhere they go.

A reusable tote bag

Remind everyone of the importance of reusing our bags while also giving them something
useful and stylish. You can personalize a nice canvas tote bag as you see fit, it’s a small
foldable item that can be carried anywhere, and it fits just right in your Christmas party
goodie bag.

tote bags

Travel mug

Your logo will look great on a sleek, stylish travel mug that your clients will take with them
to their own meetings, making your name visible around town and beyond. And your
employees can proudly display theirs at meetings or on their desk, or why not on their
holidays as they get refills from their favorite coffee shop?
Either way, the branding opportunity is ideal on this eco-friendly gift that makes you look
good and helps others, too.

Travel work with logo

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