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Make your living room cosy for winter with these great trends

19 Oct 2020 | Accessories, Fun, Gifts, Technology

Home > Accessories > Make your living room cosy for winter with these great trends

As the colder weather settles in, we’re left reaching for a comfortable blanket to give us that cosy feeling as we sit down with a cup of tea. You might be looking out at the rain, wishing you had a cosier, warmer feeling in your living room. If you’re looking for some simple styling and design tips, here are a few great trends to turn your living room into a winter haven!

1.      Bring plants indoors

Plants give us a great sense of belonging and grounding. If you have a few small pots with plants that are easy to care for and don’t need a lot of sunlight, place them around your living room in corners you’ll be able to see them. They’ll make you relax and feel at home, and they’re great mood enhancers.


2.      Use warm scents to calm your senses

First off, start with fresh air, so open the windows for at least 20 minutes in the morning or at some point when you’re home during the day to let fresh air in. Then, when you’re picking your scented candles or room fragrance, look for scents that remind you of being relaxed. This could be the smoky scent of a campfire or the soothing lavender from a summer trip. Your mood will be instantly enhanced by the right smell, which is personal to you and your experience.


3.      Get plenty of natural light

If you can, make sure your living room receives as much natural light as possible. To fake some beautiful sunset rays, invest in tall lamp with warm light that you can place at the foot of your sofa.


4.      Play some relaxing music

Set up two or three Bluetooth speakers around the room and put on relaxing music at low volume to set the mood for switching off from work, meditating, or reading.


5.      Curl up with a soft blanket

Nothing beats a soft fleece blanket in neutral colours to help you warm up and relax in your favourite corner. Go for a warm beige to enhance the relaxation vibes!


Unwind and give yourself some minutes to just be on a mellow winter afternoon by making your living room cosier thanks to these easy tips.

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