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Making the most of spring weather – 5 ideas for corporate gifts

15 Apr 2022 | Accessories, Fun, Gifts

Home > Gifts > Making the most of spring weather – 5 ideas for corporate gifts

As spring weather motivates everyone to spend more time outside, it’s time to look at
options for corporate gifts that support active, outdoor pursuits. Whether your employees
or business partners enjoy outdoor sports or simply relaxing in the sunshine, below are a
few options of branded merchandise that goes with the weather!

Branded parasols

With good weather comes the sun, and with the sun comes the need for some sun
! Even though it might not be the strong summer sun, spending time outside,
even for a midday meal, could be uncomfortable with the sun in your eyes. A lightweight,
good-quality parasol sorts this out, while offering a great opportunity for branding. It’s an
ideal gift for employees and can work really great at corporate events, too.

Visors with your name on it

Much the same as parasols, but this time offering something wearable and therefore even
more mobile. Personalised visors with company branding are extremely useful on good
weather days. They come in a variety of colours and patterns, and the brand name or logo
can be visible or more discreet.

Fitness bracelets

One of the break-out trends of recent years is wearable tech, and nowhere has this taken
off quite so well as in the world of fitness. Make your brand name universally associated
with staying active and moving outdoors, by adding your logo to fitness bracelets and
watches that can be very valuable corporate gifts.

Portable chargers

The more time people spend outdoors, the more likely they are to need to re-charge their
devices. This is all the more so important for those going on hikes or bike rides and using
map reading software for directions. You don’t want a nice sunny day to be ruined for lack
of phone battery!
Why not add personalised portable chargers and battery banks to your corporate gift
roster? A few options exist, in terms of style, colour and design, and then you can have your
brand name and logo added on.

Branded water bottles

Finally, hydration becomes more important as the weather gets warmer – so water bottles
are a must-have item, too. The more durable, the better, so we suggest opting for high-
quality materials that can be reused many times and will look good in different bags and
You can choose from various colours and styles, from the sportier to the more urban looks,
and personalise the bottles as needed, with brand names, encouraging messages, logos,
pictures, or any combination thereof.

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