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Mother’s Day 2022: 7 Gift Ideas For Work & Home

08 Apr 2022 | Events, Gifts

Home > Events > Mother’s Day 2022: 7 Gift Ideas For Work & Home

Mother’s Day is a unique holiday: even though it doesn’t necessarily link in with work and
corporate environments, it’s one of the types of special days that everyone can relate to.
Regardless of background, convictions or interests, we all have some Mother’s Day link,
whether we are mothers ourselves, wish to celebrate mothers, or dream of being one. So,
what better way to honour this day than by offering employees or work colleagues and
partners some unique merchandise that they can share at home, with their mothers?

Here are 7 gift ideas from the corporate world to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

Personalised flower pot with seeds

Mother’s Day and spring coincide, so why not lean into the idea of planting lovely flowers
that mothers can enjoy at home? A personalised flower pot can include a heartfelt message,
a colour scheme that will inspire the gift receiver, and of course, a branded element such as
a logo or company name, too.
These are also great gifts for your employees – mothers or not! They can decorate desks at
work and bring a pop of colour to an interior environment.

Engraved smart mugs

Smart mugs are an amazing gift for anyone who loves a hot drink. They keep your tea or
coffee at the right temperature, and they can now be personalised with the mother’s name
or a lovely Mother’s Day message. Of course, this is a good bit of branded merchandise
which then can feature company names or logos and can be made into a team gift, too.

Travel bags in varying sizes

For the mum who likes to travel, various sizes and colours of travel bags for cosmetics,
medication, or small items are a great gift idea. Add a custom message and offer a range of
sizes so they can organise their luggage ten times better.

Engraved flasks

Back to the theme of drinks, we can also associate Mother’s Day with a little celebratory
tipple. Drink flasks with a sleek, distinguished leather finish can be personalised with a
special message for that special mother, and can come in various colour options, too.

Personalised pen set

If your partners or employees have mothers who cherish letter writing, a personalised pen
set can be a lovely gift on Mother’s Day. The pens themselves can be personalised with a
heartfelt message, while the box can feature branded elements such as a company logo
alongside a “Happy Mother’s Day!” note.

The perfect vase

Depending on the style and design of your own company, offering vases that your teams
can gift with a special flower bouquet is a good idea. The vase itself can have the company
logo, without too much other personalisation, but it will then be used as the receptacle for

flowers as unique as the gift recipient. At the end of the day, mothers will enjoy a lovely
long-term gift as well, while your branded presence spreads around town.

Customised phone desk stand

Of course, lots of us have desk stands for our smartphones or iPads, to help us multi-task
and access several screens when we need them. How about taking that functionality into
the realm of gifts with a personalised stand? You can add a name, a special greeting, or a
favourite quote on it. It’s a touching and useful gift at the same time.

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