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Prepare For a Fun St Patrick’s Day Party This Year: Best
Themed Ideas

10 Mar 2022 | Accessories, Events, Holidays

Home > Accessories > Prepare For a Fun St Patrick’s Day Party This Year: BestThemed Ideas

As the annual Irish holiday approaches on 17 th March, if you’re thinking you’ve tried it all
before and have run out of themed ideas to honour it, think again!

We have some great options of themed activities, decorations and gifts to make this St
Patrick’s Day special at home or in the office. Check out the branded merchandise ideas
below and don’t be afraid to try some activities, too.

Themed cooking

This is a great idea for a team-building activity at work or to get the whole family working
together on something different for St Patricks’ Day. A classic Irish dinner includes corned
beef and potatoes, cabbage, and braised greens.

Make sure everyone has a role to play and put together a schedule so all the dishes are
ready in time, then gather around a four-leaf clover decorated dinner table and enjoy a
fabulous feast. A pint of Guinness is optional!

Beer opener

Catch a leprechaun

For those of you with kids at home, this is a fun arts-and-crafts activity that children of all
ages will enjoy. Get some inspiration on how to make your own leprechaun traps, which can
be decorated in line with every child’s own taste.

Of course, this can be turned into a little contest or a display show if you get several families
together (or have enough kids around!). Let their imagination run wild and use coloured
paper, markers, gold foil and lots of accessories.

Have a green drink

Whether you go for a green beer or a smoothie, using a St Patrick’s Day personalised mug is
a great way to celebrate on theme.

You can make a your very own green beer following this recipe if you’re not keen to go out.
And this can even be turned into a fun gift for family and friends!

branded mug

Dress up

From a leprechaun hat to personalised t-shirts, wear something green and don’t forget your
four-leaf clover! You can organise a general dress-down day at the office where everyone
can wear something green and then go out to a pub for a couple of drinks. For an extra
special touch, order branded St Patrick’s Day t-shirts with your company logo and an inside
joke printed on, too!

Polo shirts

Organise a scavenger hunt

For those with small children at home, make the day even more special by getting the little
ones to find special treasures hidden in the garden (or inside the house, weather
dependant!). You can make this a themed scavenger hunt, with pots of gold, leprechauns,
four-leaf clovers and more, too.

Listen to some great Irish music

Finally, either as you’re winding down from watching a parade or having fun with friends, or
as a pick-me-up to get you in the mood for going out, listen to some great Irish music. Yes,
U2, Sinead O’Connor, Thin Lizzy, The Cranberries or The Pogues are all great options, or you
could go more traditional and listen to something folksy. At the end of the night, raise your
glass and drink a bit of Irish whisky to honour this great day.


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