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Print Innovation at its Finest: Inside Print and Merchandise

14 Jun 2024 | Print

Home > Print > Print Innovation at its Finest: Inside Print and Merchandise

Printing plays a powerful role in creating positive brand sentiment. From the invention of the printing press to modern-day high-tech digital printing, brands have built whole communities through image. Through print innovation, brands can connect with their audiences on a new level. Whether it’s through the use of billboards, signage, business cards or merchandise – a logo can speak a thousand words.

At Print&Merchandise, we’re passionate about print. As part of, we have been creating extraordinary experiences for companies across the globe since 2013. We believe that print lies at the heart of every marketing campaign, successful expo and branding project. This is why we’ve developed a wide range of solutions for businesses seeking to enhance their image.

Combining a team of creative in-house designers with innovative printing technology, we work closely with marketing, events and branding teams to turn ideas into tangible experiences.

Print Innovation: It’s what we do

Print for Marketing

Marketing and print innovation go hand in hand. Through print, marketing campaigns are brought to life to provide a more impactful message to audiences. In the digital age, so many brands exist solely online. Creating long-lasting personal experiences can help a brand stand out from the competition. This can be observed through the simple act of giving out business cards to connections during a networking event, or through more large-scale advertisements such as billboards.

Whatever the marketing strategy you are planning, incorporating print can help boost your campaign to achieve your desired results. Our team is here to help you with all your printing needs, using the latest printing technology to deliver high-quality print in no time.

Print for Expos

Attending expos provides an opportunity for networking, marketing and branding for many companies. For over 10 years, we have been working closely with our sister company TurnkeyExpos. Our aim is to provide clients with the best printing solutions to enhance their expo attendance. From creating branded signage for expo stands, to promotional flyers, branded merchandise, and uniforms, choosing the right printing partner will help you achieve a consistent and impactful brand identity for your expo.

Print for Merchandise

Whether you’re planning a big social media giveaway, or would like to express your gratitude to your clients and employees, printed merchandise opens up the doors to a world of opportunities. Branded merchandise allows you to customise objects using your brand colours, logos and message, which can then be offered as a gift to your audiences. When planning a branded merchandise campaign, it’s important to ensure that the products are practical and relevant to the time of year. This is why, at Print&Merchandise, we offer an extensive selection of products available for branding. Simply choose your product, and we will design and deliver your customised merchandise to your door.  

About is a group of brands operating across the industries of events, expos and merchandise. Together with our sister companies, we provide a one-stop solution for companies seeking to organise events, attend expos and exhibitions, and develop branded merchandise. With head offices in Malta and Cyprus, as well as bases in Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Africa, we stay up to date with the latest industry trends across the globe. Our international locations enable us to dispatch your products from the most convenient place, ensuring efficient and timely delivery.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to discover how we can help you elevate your brand through print!

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