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Promote Your Brand With These Personalised Office Items

08 Jul 2022 | Accessories, Holidays, Summer

Home > Summer > Promote Your Brand With These Personalised Office Items

Summer is not just a holiday season. It’s also the period when multiple conferences and
events take place, giving you the ideal opportunity to create more buzz around your brand
with personalised merchandise that’s easy to hand out and practical. And what’s more
practical than free office items shared with prospects, business partners, clients and even
prospective employees?
Here are some easy and practical office items that can be turned into great branded
merchandise to spread your brand message.

Conference folders to take it all in

With some useful features and great looks, all-in-one conference folders can make it a
breeze to attend all the events, take notes, and keep all the information in one place this
summer. Our Alberta model is made to be light and stylish, featuring lined paper, a pen and
a memo pad with six colours to separate all the categories of activities you’re going to, or
several events or seminars.

Personalise this folder with your brand logo and name to make sure all employees are easily
identified as part of your team, for maximum visibility at all conferences.


Easy note taking at the office

Whether someone comes by when you’re not there and wishes to leave a note, or for all
those times you want something written down to be front of mind, a combination set with
plain note paper and sticky notes is ideal.

Place any of our combo packs on your desk for easy access, or slip one in your pocket to
take quick notes on the go. They flip open, allowing for branded content to be placed on the
cover, too.


Calculate in style

Using a desk calculator has never been so stylish. Thanks to its stand-out bamboo case, the
Calcubim looks different, while keeping all the functionalities you expect from a regular
calculator. You can print your company name on it and pair it with other bamboo office
accessories, like the Vina 3-port USB hub, to create a coordinated and functional office set-

All-in-one holder

Nothing beats multifunctional items for decluttering the desk and giving you more space.
The Fuji pen holder has it all: space for 4 USB charges at the same time, the possibility to
dock and lean your smartphone on it for easy quick glances at the screen (or video calls),
and two lighting modes to create a spot of light in the office. It can be printed with branded
content and it’s probably going to be one of the most useful items on any desk this summer,
so offer it to prospects and clients to have your name be at the front of their minds every


Beating the heat

Finally, it’s highly likely that the heat or the dried out air from the air conditioner starts to
create a less than optimal environment in the office over the summer months. With the
Copito 3 in 1 humidifier in a can shape, you can enjoy a mini fan and refreshed atmosphere
in minutes. It also features a convenient night light with six colours, making it a lovely pop of
colour on your desk at all times.

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