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Put a Smile on Your Employees’ Faces With These Great Summer Giveaways!

07 May 2021 | Events, Fun, Holidays, Summer

Home > Fun > Put a Smile on Your Employees’ Faces With These Great Summer Giveaways!

As your team is getting ready and excited for their summer holidays, what better way to have them carry your brand name with them than to offer them some thoughtful free items they can use on their travels? After all, a carefully placed logo or company name will be discreet, yet effective in having your name travel. Here are some ideas of branded merchandise you can offer your staff this summer.

Brand-name water bottles

You can never have too many water bottles, especially ahead of a road trip or plane journey. Reusable water bottles are great for the environment, they help save money spent on bottled drinks, and they help develop healthy habits as people drink more water and stay away from sugary products.

Add your company name or logo to a free water bottle that everyone can take with them this summer, wherever they’re heading.

Company sunhats and visors

When the sun hits this summer, your employees will be reaching for their sunhats. Offer everyone a straw hat with your company name on the coloured ribbon, and they’ll be advertising your brand wherever they are.

For sportier ones, why not gift them with a branded visor for the tennis court or the golf course?

Portable chargers – never too many!

A small, portable power bank is always a useful accessory and it doesn’t need to cost the world. Go for a flat version with just one USB port and you’ll be able to personalise it with your company name and logo.

It’s a useful gift for both you and your employees.

Branded umbrellas, for rain or shine

Whether it’s great weather and your team members are looking for shelter from the sun, or the rain strikes and they need to get away from it, an umbrella is always useful. It’s an all-weather accessory that can be easily stowed away and brought along on pretty much any journey. And having more than one umbrella around the house is good for guests, too. If rain is pouring down as their guests are leaving a garden party, your staff will happily lend them a spare umbrella.

Use a branded umbrella as a summer giveaway and let your brand name travel even further.

Put your colours on a beach towel

A beach towel is an ideal gift because it’s not only useful, it’s also suitable for any taste, age, or interest. Even if your employees don’t go to the beach, they’ll find a use for a large, quick-drying towel around the house.

Use a beach towel to publicise your logo or brand colours rather than plastering your name or slogan across it, so it’s a more discreet, but still effective advertisement.

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