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Reaching Your 2022 Fitness Goals With the Right Kit

20 Dec 2021 | Fun, Gifts

Home > Gifts > Reaching Your 2022 Fitness Goals With the Right Kit

If you’re going back to the gym after a long time away or starting on a fitness adventure
with a race or event in mind, January is a great time to set yourself fitness goals, challenges,
and a plan to follow. It’s also the time when you notice all the kit that’s out of date or simply
not suitable to your plans anymore.

This quick guide to updating fitness kit with 5 items of branded merchandise that
employees, colleagues or business partners will love and use right away, is here to help with
all that.

Fitness towels

A few good lightweight, quick-drying fitness towels that you can throw over an exercise bike
in spin class or bring with you to the gym are essential for the avid workout bunny.
Especially to help maintain higher levels of hygiene in public spaces, these are ideal for
cleaning gym apparatus and for wiping away sweat, too. They’re easy to brand and
personalise, there are lots of colours to choose from, and the functionality is just what’s
needed for a clean workout.

grey fitness towel

Refillable, recycled water bottles

Join the eco-friendly revolution by offering some branded water bottles that your colleagues
can use and re-use, whether they’re exercising outside or indoors. Have your logo or brand
name be seen by everyone around while also helping the user reach their fitness goals
without adding to plastic waste.

Wireless headphones

You cannot beat a good tune to work out to, especially when hitting the gym on your own.
This is why a set of Bluetooth wireless headphones that cancel out noise and help you focus
on your workout can be an absolutely ideal partner on your fitness journey.

Waterproof containers

If your business partners or employees are avid water sports fans, there are few items as
often used and useful as clear waterproof containers. Safe enough to transport keys and
smartphones or bigger items, on a kayak, stand-up paddle board, or jet ski, these can be
personalised with your brand name and are an extremely welcome gift.

Set of exercise bands

For those working out at home or focusing on functional stretching and yoga, a set of
exercise bands of different levels of resistance are a fantastic gift in the new year. Add you
brand logo on them so anyone who sees them becomes aware of it too!

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