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Saving the Planet While Staying Hydrated: Branded Water
Bottles for Everyone

16 Sep 2022 | Events, Fun, Holidays, Summer

Home > Fun > Saving the Planet While Staying Hydrated: Branded WaterBottles for Everyone

In a world where we all need to be ever more mindful of our water and plastic consumption,
reducing the wasted water and reusing containers are two environmentally friendly steps
we can all take to make a difference. This is why offering branded water bottles is a great
marketing initiative. It associates your company name with a positive action, while
genuinely making a difference. And it will make a welcome gift for anyone: from those
about to go travelling, to sportspeople, to those sitting at a desk for an extended period of
Here are our top 5 favourite branded water bottles.

Stylish glass bottles for every occasion

The Venice range of glass bottles with aluminium lids are simple and elegant, a classic item
that can be used at home or at the office and wouldn’t look out of place at a dinner party
either. They come in various colours and can be branded with a logo or company name,
making them easy corporate gifts to offer your team or your business partners.
The Aspen glass range is also particularly fun and easy to use in any informal setting, with its
colourful variety of designs that pretty much brighten up the gloomiest days.

The techy bottle

Combine your drinking bottle with wireless speakers! Made from double wall stainless steel,
the Cool Plus keeps your water cold and lets you enjoy some fun tunes while you carry it
around. It’s certainly something that tech lovers will enjoy and a different gift from the
“usual” water bottles. Perhaps a branded option for IT companies?

Charge yourself and your phone

To go one step further down the techy lane, opt for the Bottle Wireless range. The stainless
steel bottle keeps your tea or coffee hot so you can get a recharge of caffeine on the go.
And, if your phone needs a top-up, the lid doubles up as a power bank and wireless charger.
Print your logo on it and offer it to anyone who needs a pick-me-up… from a battery or in

Recycling in action

Using these branded bottles can make a big difference on waste, but how about re-using
the materials they were first made from to give a second life to water bottles everywhere?
The Utah RPet collection does just that, offering you the option of different colour schemes
for 500-ml bottles that also feature a handle so you can loop them around a carabiner or
even your own wrist.

Understated sleek designs

For those who admire Scandinavian understated elegance, the Norre Bottle range is an
absolute dream. These stainless steel bottles with beautiful bamboo lids are available in
four different colour schemes and they can keep hot drinks warm for up to 16 hours. You

can also use these for cold drinks, which will also keep their temperature. Moreover, the
powder coating makes these bottles more long-lasting, but also adds to their good looks.

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