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Saying “No” to Plastic: Easy Ways to Replace Plastic in Everyday Life.

19 Sep 2021 | Accessories, Events, Gifts

Home > Accessories > Saying “No” to Plastic: Easy Ways to Replace Plastic in Everyday Life.

Whether you’re trying to improve your eco-credentials at work or simply looking to cut
down on your everyday use of plastic at home, there are options that you might not have
thought of and which can make life easy and have a positive impact on the environment.

What plastic alternatives are there for everyday items such as picnic sets, reusable cups or
even food wrapping solutions?

Read on to find out some of our top options!

Ditch the plastic picnic sets

At the weekend or on a romantic getaway, there’s nothing more relaxing than a picnic
under the clear blue sky. However, most items we normally use for eating out in nature are
made of plastic: single-use plates, cutlery, even our drinking recipients.
Thanks to bamboo and reclaimed wood alternatives, you can now opt for more sustainable
cutlery sets, alongside a fashionable woven basket as well. Make sure you keep these for
years to come and you’ll have lovely memories to attach to them, too!

Better food wrapping

Food wrapping is a nightmare when it comes to being practical and low-cost, as the
ubiquitous plastic cling film makes it impossible to be eco-friendly. Not to mention the fact
that plastic touching your sandwiches can add a layer of unwanted chemicals to your food!
Opt instead for waxed paper wrappings which come in a multitude of colours and sizes and
are reusable, too!

Bamboo lunch box

Hold on to your mugs

Instead of using plastic cups at the office and throwing them out every day, bring a
personalised cup and make sure all your teammates envy you with a quirky message or nice
photo on it, too. Reusing our mugs makes a huge difference when you think about the
amount of plastic you’d normally use up on a regular day. Multiplied for the days you’re in
the office every week, this one is a no-brainer!

Glass coffee mug

Embrace the cork

New materials are making a splash in the fight against plastic, and cork is one of our
favourites. You can have a stylish and understated wireless charger for your electronic
devices covered in cork, or a Bluetooth speaker that blends seamlessly into your office or
home décor, bringing in some relaxing music while keeping your plastic usage low.

cork speaker

Bag it up

One of the most expansive use of plastic is still in our shopping bags. While some shops
have stopped using them, it’s great to be one step ahead of the curve while also bringing a
bag that you can have handy at all times throughout the day.
Fully personalised canvas bags are great for all occasions, they can display an uplifting
message or your favourite picture or company logo, and they take up no space at all in your
handbag or in your car. Ditch the plastic and look good doing it, too!

Switching away from plastic products doesn’t have to be a headache. Thanks to innovative
solutions in all aspects of life, we now have a wide range of products made of more
sustainable reclaimed wood, cork, canvas, and more. It’s just a matter of opening up to new

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