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Spending Time Outdoors This Summer With Branded

15 Jul 2022 | Accessories, Gifts, Summer

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Summer is about meeting your loved ones outdoors, spending time in the fresh air and
sunshine, and enjoying holidays by the sea or in the mountains. No matter the weather or
your preferences, there are a multitude of branded merchandise opportunities to use
during the summer. Here we offer a few suggestions that would make great gifts for
colleagues, business partners or prospective / existing clients. The sky really is the limit
when it comes to personalising items for summer activities.

Hit the beach in your favourite colours

Beach towels are an easily customisable type of must-have summer item. And who doesn’t
enjoy a new, soft and comfortable towel that can be adapted to feature your brand’s
colours, their logo or even a fun message?
Whether you go for plain, smooth options or relief woven ones, there are lots of ways to
personalise beach towels. As they’re an unmissable element in everyone’s summer holiday
bag, this will create an ideal amount of reach for your brand, too.


Be comfortable camping

Whether you take it with you to a campsite or just a picnic, or maybe at an outdoors music
festival, our Easygo chair will make sure you can rest and enjoy yourself. Made for the
outdoors, it comes in black or blue and can be branded on the back for maximum reach. It’s
easy to store in its own pouch, so you can carry it with you as well.

Lie back

How about a hammock to laze away in, in your garden or when out travelling and camping?
Canvas hammocks are lightweight, easy to set up anywhere you’d like, and extremely
relaxing. This is a great choice for the back garden, in the shade or out in the sun to catch
some rays.
The super relaxed beige Hammaca is a classic hammock, whereas you can also go for more
sophisticated designs like Jungle, made of stronger Nylon and more resistant to the

The complete picnic set

Going to eat on the green and not sure how to pack all your utensils? Our woven picnic
baskets feature everything you might need, and they have a timeless romantic look on top
of that, too. The Mimbre Plus wicker basket is great for a family of 4, including cutlery,
plates and glasses, as well as polycotton napkins and a bottle opener.
You can get your logo printed on the outside of the picnic basket, ensuring your company is
at the front of mind of anyone using this set during their holidays.

Be the top chef

If you’re outside barbecuing and need to have all your utensils within easy reach, one of the
best accessories is a complete BBQ apron. The Donau East includes a glove and three
different tools, plus it looks great and can be personalised with a topical message and your
logo or brand name.

Welcome the birds

Build a small bird house in your garden to encourage birds to visit and delight you with their
singing. Woohouse is easy to assemble and its small size makes it ideal for any setting,
letting you upgrade your outdoor space quickly and easily.

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