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St Patrick’s Day 2021: Gift and Party Ideas for All Tastes

17 Mar 2021 | Events, Fun, Holidays

Home > Fun > St Patrick’s Day 2021: Gift and Party Ideas for All Tastes

This year’s St Patrick’s Day will be a far cry from the crowded, exciting events we’re used to in big cities especially. However, celebrating the Irish holiday in lockdown doesn’t necessarily mean foregoing all the fun and decorations that usually go with the green-hued tradition. Here are some ideas for decorating and enjoying St Patrick’s Day this year.

St Patrick’s Day Decorations Ideas

Decorate your own pot of gold

Any good jar will do and you can make salted caramel sauce in the microwave to fill it with. Get a few rainbow stickers to decorate it, then let the kids dip whatever sweets or fruit they are tempted by in the “pot of gold.”

St.Patrick's Day Jar

Don’t forget the 4-leaf clovers

If you’re hosting a party or just want to bring the Irish spirit into your home, it’s easy to plant your own clovers. Buy small pots and organic compost, then all you need is to mix in some seeds and be patient for a few days until they sprout.

Turn the house green

Whether you invest in some green lampshades for the occasion or bring out your best soft blankets in the emerald color, you can infuse your home with a bit more Irishness without spending a lot of money.

Clever Party Ideas for St Patrick’s

Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun St Patrick’s Day party. In fact, a lot of parades and events will be available to watch from home, while with some good catering and clever games, you can create a fun atmosphere with your family.

Stream a real St Patrick’s Day Parade

It’s unlikely that even those living in Dublin will be out of the streets for a “proper” St Patrick’s Day Parade. However, you can arrange to watch one online and even have it playing in the background while having a beer or two, to feel like you’re living on a street the parade passes by.


Make green slime

This is one of the most popular at-home activities this year. You can buy slime-making kits and ensure you combine your green coloring with sparkles and “bits of gold” to make it the best-looking one at the party.

Make Irish food

Nothing quite compares to a tradition beef stew and dumplings for St Patrick’s, or the traditional corned beef and cabbage. These are all relatively easy to make at home and you can go the extra mile by washing them down with some Guinness, of course.


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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