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Staying Home On a Rainy Day? Here’s How to Beat Boredom!

06 Nov 2021 | Accessories, Events, Gifts

Home > Accessories > Staying Home On a Rainy Day? Here’s How to Beat Boredom!

Whether on your own or with a noisy family, having to stay indoors when the weather isn’t
the best can be quite boring or even depressing. But, fear not, there are lots of alternatives
to playing in the sun. With these ideas, you’ll be having fun indoors while adjusting to the
changing weather so you can welcome winter, too.

Relax with music and a good book

The classic relaxation idea is made for chilly autumn days: wrap up in your favorite fleece
blanket, put some soft music on, light up the reading lamp and relax with a good book.
You’ll escape into a different world (maybe somewhere warm?) and forget all about the rain
tapping on your window.

readying lamp

Try an online event

There are so many interesting virtual events available for those of us stuck at home,
especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. From online murder mysteries or escape rooms to
virtual tastings of anything from chocolate to wine and whiskey, you can keep yourself busy
and even invite some friends to join you remotely.

Cook as a family

Cooking together can be great fun, especially if you get the kids involved in cake or dessert
making. Yes, it could be messy, but it gives everyone a reason to be together and you can
define very clear tasks that will make you all very productive as well. Pick an easy recipe that
everyone loves, set some tasks, and get going.
Hint: Some background music might make things even better.

Friends cooking together

Indulging in a new hobby

Ok, this might not be a one-day only activity, but how many times have you thought back to
activities you may have enjoyed as a kid that you’ve given up now you’re busy and always
on the run? Like painting, coloring or knitting perhaps?
There’s no better time like the present to engage in a creative pursuit. With a plethora of
starter kits available online, it’s now easier than ever to pursue an old passion or discover
something else to keep you entertained.

Play children’s games

Yes, play is underrated. Getting on the floor to play Twister or indulging in an all-out
competitive game of Monopoly will make you feel like a child again and it’s guilt-free. You
can bring in as many participants as you want, drink a good glass of wine on the side if you
feel like it, and you won’t even feel the time go by.
The reason we enjoy children’s games so much is that they make us relive those happy
memories of playing the same games in our childhood. So what better way to lift the mood
when you’re stuck at home?

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