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Staying On Top of Hygiene In The Office: Sanitizing At Work

18 Feb 2022 | Accessories, Gifts

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In a continuingly tense health context, maintaining the best possible levels of hygiene while enabling work colleagues to relax and be productive in a warm atmosphere is the new challenge for all office managers or anyone in charge of work teams. Sanitizing at work needs to be an effortless and convenient activity, without making anyone feel like they need to go out of their way to have a clean environment. At the same time, it also needs to give everyone the comfort that they are safe and can work without concerns for their health.

From picking the best cleaning services supplier to adding convenient and effective cleaning items into the office, here are some top tips for sanitizing at work.

Ensure everyone has access to hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is one of the easiest and most fuss-free accessories you can make available to everyone a low cost. Distribute some small hand sanitizing bottles that can be attached to the outside of backpacks and suitcases for commuting peace of mind. Additionally, no-touch sanitizer dispensers in hallways and at the exit from restrooms are a great touch and make everyone feel more at ease.


Organize regular deep cleans

Cleaning schedules are part of a normal office routine, but adding one or two “deep cleans” every month can make a real difference. Ensure your cleaners look to steam seats and carpets and/or curtains (if you have them) and take extra care with work surfaces in shared kitchenettes if you have one in your building. Even the best cared-for offices can easily have a build-up of dirt and grime when a deeper clean isn’t done regularly.


It would be good to also publish this deep clean schedule so everyone in the office is aware of when it’s taken place. A small gesture like this will boost peace of mind among your team

Encourage social distancing

While not everyone feels uncomfortable going back into the office more regularly, there are still some of us who wish they could continue to maintain some space from other people. Instead of letting them have to deal with this on their own and possibly agonize over it, encourage everyone to still keep some space when interacting in closed space.

Examples of this include leaving one empty seat for every used seat, if this is possible in your office, as well as taking turns getting out of conference rooms instead of grouping up close to each other. Encourage everyone to voice any concerns freely, so they don’t perceive this as disturbing others.

Take care with IT equipment

It’s easy to forget how much dirt can actually hide on our IT equipment! Use specially designed cleaning supplies for computers, keyboards, mice and mouse pads, and the monitors.

uv light

Especially in offices where some IT equipment is used by several colleagues (e.g. monitors and keyboards from docking stations for laptops), having it cleaned regularly and thoroughly is very important. Add a little note once it’s been done so that whoever sits down can feel reassured!

Decluttering is key

This may be a slight pain for many, but keeping desks as tidy as possible, empty of any superfluous items, helps keep them clean and allows for shared spaces to be truly accessible to all. Rather than upset colleagues who want to personalize their work space somehow, you could suggest a communal picture board where everyone contributes their family photos, or having dedicated personal items corners where things can be picked up from when coming into the office.

Sanitizing the office is a must-do for all managers and making sure everyone is aware that they are in a clean and safe environment has become an essential requirement for any workplace. However, this doesn’t need to be a burden and there are many options for keeping clean without too much hassle.

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