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The best 8 gifts for tech lovers

04 Oct 2020 | Accessories, Fun, Technology

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Everyone knows at least one friend who is an absolute technology lover, whether a video game addict or just a gadget afficionado who always has the newest and latest device to use in a multitude of settings. They are often difficult to buy gifts for, as it feels like they have everything already!

What gifts can you get a tech lover then? The amount of merchandise available in the field of technology won’t cease to grow so, on the one hand, you can always rely on some of the newest and greatest gadgets. However, looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe some print or non-tech gifts can also work well, to remind them of the world away from their screens. Let’s have a look at both types of gifts for tech lovers.

The best tech gifts

1.      Portable charger / power bank

By far a must-have gift for anyone with a knack for gadgets, a stylish portable power bank is an excellent gift. You simply can’t have too many of them!


2.    Photo album on USB stick

Do something different and load up a photo album with great memories of the two of you, then turn it into a thoughtful gift on a “message in a bottle”-designed USB stick.


3.    Wireless charge tray with document holder

Wireless charging is great for multiple gadget owners. Just put your phone, smartwatch and any other device on it when you get home and think no more of it. Look for one with a document holder pocket, where you can keep receipts or other useful paperwork, for extra functionality.


4.      Noise cancelling headphones

Especially for someone who works remotely a lot or travels frequently, noise cancelling headphones can make a wonderful gift. Let them relax or focus without the hustle and bustle of the world around them!


5.      Smart mugs

Few things will annoy an avid tea drinker as much as when their drink goes cold while they’re engaged in some other activity. Help them avoid this scenario with a mug warmer, which will keep their drink warm for a set amount of time.


6.      Portable speakers

Some stylish portable speakers, with a bamboo finish for example, are a great gift for techy music lovers. They can use two or three around the home, blending into the décor.


7.      Keyring charger with multiple cables

An even smaller portable charger than mentioned above, a keyring charger is an essential small accessory to pop into a bag, especially if you go for one with multiple types of cables attached so it can fit iPhones, Android phones, and other gadgets equally.


8.  Action camera

Got a friend who loves both technology and outdoor adventures? Look no further than a small, versatile action camera that will work placed on a bike helmet or with a chest strap for runners. Making memories as they go along on their adventures – what more could they ask for?


Enjoy giving your tech loving friends something they can remember you by – but also something they’re guaranteed to enjoy!

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