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Summer Accessories That Get People Talking About Your Brand

30 Jun 2021 | Accessories, Events, Summer

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Summer is here and, with it, the pool parties, barbecues, picnics and hikes that we’ve all been waiting for. Whether it’s hanging out on the beach, entertaining in the garden or heading out for physical activity, summer offers lots of opportunities for branded accessories to be used. Your brand will be on everyone’s lips once they catch a glimpse of your logo or brand colours on this branded merchandise.

Beach and Poolside Accessories

Beach Balls

Go for simple yet impactful with branded beach balls in a multitude of colours to suit your brand hues. Everyone enjoys playing a round of volleyball at the beach, and these can be great fun by the pool or in the pool, even! Inflatable balls with your brand logo are basically a multi-purpose summer accessory, suitable for all ages and activities.

pink beach ball

Branded, Colourful Beach Towels

Add your company name or logo to soft, high-quality cotton beach towels. This is another versatile product that people will be using to lie on at the beach or by the pool, but will also take with them to towel down after a swim at any time of year. A great branding opportunity.

Cool Bags

Cool bags are a summer must-have, especially on a hot day in the sun. Fill them with ice and your favourite drinks and you can spend hours in the heat enjoying cold beverages. Your logo can go on the side, and you can even add a company motto.


Barbecue Kit They’ll Love

Mobile Barbecue

Having a small, mobile barbecue that’s easy to build up and deploy in the woods or by the beach is a great addition to anyone’s summer kit. There are lots of models to choose from, and your logo can go on the top or the side. Have your brand awareness grow while users are relaxing and enjoying a great meal.

Picnic Baskets With Picnic Sets

Add your logo to stylish picnic baskets containing dishes and cutlery for an al fresco picnic. These are great items for summer fun and an easy way to add your branding in a subtle fashion.

Folding Chair

For any barbecue in the woods, having a few folding chairs to relax on while the food is cooking and then for the meal can make a huge difference. Personalise a folding chair with mesh bottle holder, in which people can relax while enjoying a refreshing drink.

black foldable chair

Hikes to Remember

Waterproof Phone Bags and Kit Bags

For hikers going out into the mountains or for paddle sports lovers by the sea or lakes, waterproof bags of all sizes make great brandable summer items. Especially a small waterproof bag designed to hold a smartphone and allow the user to still access it through the see-through plastic covering can be one of the most useful accessories for peace of mind throughout the summer, no matter the weather.


Why not use your branding on some colourful sunglasses that can be used all summer long? Offer them in the colours of your logo and add your brand name on the frame.


Multifunction Pocket Knives

A secret weapon for many hikers, a multifunction pocket knife in stainless steel can be a lifesaver. Add a carabiner to quickly fasten it to the hiking backpack or to the belt loop on your trousers. Place your brand name and logo on the main handle and you’ll be visible throughout the holiday!

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