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Summer Sport and Branded Merchandise: How to Link Your
Brand with Popular Summer Activities

22 Jul 2022 | Fun, Holidays, Summer

Home > Fun > Summer Sport and Branded Merchandise: How to Link YourBrand with Popular Summer Activities

Beach volleyball, hiking, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding… and the list goes on.
Summer sports are a never ending source of good humour and can enhance anyone’s
holidays, not to mention foster team building and camaraderie if done as part of a team
event at work. While many companies organise away days or summer retreats where sports
are part of the activities on offer, it’s not just in corporate settings that you can use branded
merchandise to create more visibility for your brand assets. In addition to these obvious
environments, branded sports items can fit in your colleagues’ bags during their holidays, or
can be great gifts for clients or prospects that cause them to remember you when they’re
Here are 7 great branded merchandise ideas linked with summer sports.

The essential football

Football is that one game that unites us all, regardless of our backgrounds, physical fitness
and sports knowledge, even! Playing with a football introduces young children to sport and
to team dynamics in an easy and fun way, while grown-ups can blow off some steam with a
game of five-a-side. The mini or full-sized soccer balls in our collection offer an opportunity
to add a brand logo on top, and they’ll be a welcome gift for any sporty family.

Football balls

Keeping hydrated on the go

While hiking or running in summer, it’s important to have all the necessary kit in a
comfortable backpack that doesn’t get in the way, but can hold especially a water container
for staying hydrated. The Water 2 Go range is especially designed for carrying water in a 2-
litre bag that sits comfortably against your back and can be accessed through a long, flexible
straw. It can be personalised across the back, it’s comfortable to wear and will extend
walking time considerably in hot weather.

Take your yoga anywhere

Travelling in the summer can lead to missed workouts, which is sometimes a cause of
frustration and pent-up stress. That doesn’t need to be the case, though, and bringing a
yoga mat for a relaxing session has never been easier.
The Yogi exercise mats roll up and accompany you wherever you go, with the opportunity of
branding on the back or the front. Or why not take a full Yogi Set along: mat and exercise
rope easily carried around in a stylish canvas bag. You might even convert some other
holidaymakers to your routine!

Yoga- set

Easy ways to carry your phone

If you’re out jogging or playing volleyball, the last thing you need is to worry about how to
carry your phone while keeping it waterproof. Coloured smartphone pouches made from

PVC get rid of the issue while adding a pop of colour to your summer workout outfits. You
can even continue to use the phone through the thin surface covering, in case there’s an
urgent message you want to check or if you want to have a look at the map, for example.

Black sport hand pouch

The perfect watch for data lovers

This is a more upscale type of branded merchandise, but if your company has a strong focus
on fitness or wishes to partner with other brands in the industry, adding your logo to a high-
performance sports watch can be an excellent move. Train Watch is a multi-functional
sports smart watch which works with a free app compatible with both iOS and Android
operating system, giving you an opportunity to log various workouts, check metrics on the
go and follow a fitness programme throughout summer and all year round.

Training sports watch

Be the best supporter

Summer isn’t just about practicing sports, it’s also about watching great sporting events.
From bike races to football and volleyball matches and more, be the best supporter by using
especially designed gear to cheer on your favourites. A hand shaped clapper like Clappy,
available in multiple colours, is an easy accessory to carry to a bike race, and one you can
easily add branding to as well.
Or opt for the Sainz inflatable sticks to clap with, in vivid colours and with your brand’s
name across.

Stay safe and visible

Although days are longer and we benefit from daylight later on in the summer, it’s still good
practice to protect yourself from the sun into night with a reflective cap. Jones polyester cap
is great for 24-hour wear: it’s got ventilation holes and will protect you from intense
sunlight during the day; at night, it features reflective elements to catch the light from cars’
headlights and make you visible and safe in busy urban areas.

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