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Top 11 Best Gifts for the Writers in Your Life

21 Oct 2020 | Gifts, Stationery, Technology

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As the holiday season draws near, it’s time to consider presents and find the best gift for your writer friends. Notebooks and fancy pens are all great, as are special edition books, but imagine that writers get these all the time!

So, how can you be the best at gift-giving for the writer in your life?

Let’s have a look at the top 12 best gifts for writers this season.

1.      Desk organisers

Some writers are messier than others but, especially for those who are particularly creative, maintaining order at your desk is always a great way to ensure the mind is most productive. Give your writing buddy a complete desk organiser with space for notes and important bills and paperwork, or go for a multifunction notepad with built-in charging cables and Bluetooth connections to help them have every essential item in one place at their desk.


2.      Magnetic whiteboard

There are few things more frustrating for a writer than having a great idea and forgetting it later on for lack of anything to write it on! The classic notebook and pen are great for carrying around, but what if you’re busy working on the computer and want to jot something down quickly and come back to it later? A magnetic whiteboard set above their writing space will be great for that, as they can also pin notes and important bits of information to it.


3.    Charger keyboard

An external keyboard to help rest hands and wrists is a great gift for a hard-at-work copywriter, but it’s made even better if it has USB charging ports to help charge a phone or speaker at the same time, reducing desk clutter.


4.      Adult colouring book

Colouring books have become a popular way to unwind and stimulate creativity at the same time. Give your writing friend a way to relax with an adult colouring book and a set of colouring pencils and watch them become a child again.


5.      A waterproof notepad

Ok, we said notepads were obsolete, but a waterproof one will be quite different! Not for writing in the shower, but ideal for writing down thoughts during a holiday by the pool without worrying about the water ruining the pages, a waterproof notepad is a novel and exciting gift.


6.      Smart coffee mug

A smart coffee mug that keeps your drink warm for an hour while you type away…. What more could a writer want? Help them avoid cold coffees and teas with a thoughtful gift.


7.      Good noise-cancelling headphones

For travelling writers, journalists on the go, or simply writers who want some peace and quiet in a noisy home, noise-cancelling headphones are a lovely present.


8.      Highlighters

Highlighters are a great and useful tool for any writer trying to organise their notes and keep hold of the most important bits of information from their courses, interviews, or journals.


9.      Multi-function desk lamp

Working on the computer screen all day can really take a toll on your eyes, and the lack of sunlight also affects our brain and emotional well-being. Help your hardworking writer friend avoid these negative effects by giving them a multi-functional desk lamp which can switch between colder and warmer light settings, mimicking sunlight and allowing them to vary the intensity depending on the time to day and light needed.


10. Humidifier

A lot of office environments, including at home, are dry because of air conditioning and indoor heaters. This is likely to affect someone sat at their desk a lot like a writer. Give them a smart humidifier which can adjust and filter the air in their room and their eyes and skin will thank you for it.


11. Desk clock and radio

An old-fashioned desk clock with radio can be a great way for your writer friend to keep track of time without staring at the computer screen, and can bring a bit of relaxing music in their life with the radio function.


There you have it, some great gift ideas to brighten up your writer friends’ lives this winter!

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