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Top 5 Benefits of Switching to Eco-Friendly Products in Your Everyday Life

31 Jul 2021 | Accessories, Events, Gifts

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In recent years, the importance of using eco-friendly products in our everyday life has been focused on more and more in the media and in marketing in particular. While there is no denying that being more mindful about our impact on the environment is essential for preserving the long-term future of our planet, there are also personal benefits from making the switch. From making better long-term investments in objects that last longer and reduce costs, to improving your quality of life, here are the top 5 benefits of switching to eco.

Lower long-term costs

It might feel like you’re paying more for your wooden picnic plates and non-disposable cups and bags. Indeed, you’re purchasing items that are meant to also last longer and are therefore made from better quality materials. This impacts the cost of production, leading to a higher price tag.

Picnic ideas not to take plastic such as metal bottle and lunchbox

However, by investing in durable items that you won’t simply discard after one use, you’re actually making a saving. Consider spending the same amount of money every year on disposable plates and cups, for example. For the small additional time cost of washing and storing your items from one use to the next, you are now avoiding all the extra expense of annual (or more often) shopping, with a price differential that isn’t all that big.

Better quality of life

You can argue that using eco-friendly products gives your family a better quality of life, especially when it comes to cleaning and household maintenance. By stepping away from heavy bleach and chemicals when spraying your countertops and floors, you’re introducing fewer potentially harmful chemical compounds in your home. This is great for your health, from your skin to your lungs.

You will also save money by switching to eco-friendly cleaning products. Many can be made at home by using items you already own, and they’ll smell nice, too! For those you’ll purchase in the shops, remember you’re investing in your and the planet’s health, too. 

air cleaner

Reduced energy use

When it comes to appliances, look for eco-friendly machines that use less energy and you’ll be saving money on your bills, too. Again, this might involve a higher initial cost sometimes, but over the long term, your electricity bill will go down. Another win-win!

Eco and responsible 

For clothing and shoes, checking the label to ensure they are made from sustainable materials and in responsible, humane conditions can make a huge impact on people’s lives a million miles away from you. Think of how many lives you are impacting by choosing to purchase items made in humane conditions, instead of sweatshop-produced garments. 

The higher cost to you today is literally affecting others’ lives. It’s worth the investment. 

Corporate benefits from supply chain to customer loyalty

As a brand, switching to eco-friendly products, whether in the office or in your supply chain, makes a huge difference in how you will be perceived by your customers and your employees. Making a green choice shows not just that you care about the environment, but also that you’re striving to build better surroundings for your teams every day.

3 Bamboo pens

From a customer perspective, those who embrace your ethos will become more loyal, therefore your customer base will grow and stabilise for the long term. 

Whether at home or in the office, being more eco-friendly has immediate personal benefits which are worth considering beyond the important impact on the planet. Browse through the aisles looking for those special items that make all the difference and gradually switch to greener, more sustainable and responsible products to improve your life and that of everyone around you. 

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