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Top 5 Best Notebooks for Corporate Gifts in 2022

27 May 2022 | Accessories, Gifts, Stationery

Home > Accessories > Top 5 Best Notebooks for Corporate Gifts in 2022

Writing is not just for note taking in meetings. As a branded merchandise item, notebooks
can take your company name and distinctive brand assets quite far when either your
employees or partners sport a branded notebook. Moreover, branded notebooks take your
name further than work: they can become part of the everyday items held around the
house, for jotting down addresses or a shopping list. This slowly makes your name part of
the furniture… in a good way.
Whether to boost brand recognition or employee loyalty or to create a cohesive image for
your sales teams when they meet with prospects, here are our top 5 notebooks to consider
as corporate gifts this spring.

The Empire collection

Go for minimalist, sleek design with clean lines and a timeless look for your sales
representatives looking to complete a branded look. This cool notebook collection can
make excellent branded gifts as they come in a gift box, to which you can add a branded pen
to go in the pen holder.

The Dynamic collection

For an on-the-go, practical notebook, look no further than the Dynamic – two notebooks in
one! These back-to-back linked notepads can be used by those who want to separate
business and personal life, or for projects vs meetings. The banner on the strap is fully
customizable, allowing you to showcase your company name or a fun motto. Whether you
give these as a corporate gift or keep them for your team or your family, they’re extremely
practical and versatile.

Neruda – the environmental choice

For an eco-conscious gift that looks stylish and interesting, the Neruda notebook collection
ticks all the boxes. It uses paper issued from sustainable forest management and features a
hardcover made from natural straw fibres. This will look exceptional in any setting and even
be a conversation starter!

Recycled materials

Why not go for a recycled collection with your next branded merchandise and use the
Matisse A5 notepads which are created with leftover leather from the manufacturing
process of other products, or issued from used furniture, clothes or shoes? This notepad
arrives in a black card paper envelope, ready to be offered with a card with your best

Cork for the win

Cork is such a versatile material and it looks great in so many different settings. For
notebooks, it can give a relaxed boho vibe while obviously also looking good and going the
job it’s designed for. Our Freud collection arrives in a beautiful gift box and includes a ball
point pen. Paper is issued from sustainable forest management as well.

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