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Top 5 gifts for Father’s Day 2022

03 Jun 2022 | Accessories, Events, Gifts

Home > Accessories > Top 5 gifts for Father’s Day 2022

Every year, Father’s Day presents a new challenge: what to get the man who has
everything? Depending on their hobbies and interests, dads can actually be relatively easy
to shop for. In this round-up, we’ve put together some top picks based on interests, which
can then be personalised with brand names, mottos, logos or colour schemes that showcase
your company as you wish. Branded merchandise has never been so easy!

For the gardening buff

For dads who love to garden, the Orchid complete garden set with metal tools with
eucalyptus handles will be an ideal gift. While these are small tools, they are neatly
packaged in a 100% cotton bag and will be very useful for smaller gardening projects or
even for a balcony or rooftop herb garden, for example.

Measuring for the DIY lover

A very prosaic gift, but one of the measuring tapes from our Meribel collection will be a
dream present for those who enjoy spending time improving their home or outdoor cabins
and sheds. Measuring devices are always useful and these ones come in different styles and
colours, to fit any toolbox!

Travelling in style

Why not add a stylish suitcase to the gift list for Father’s Day? Especially useful for those
who travel a lot, a suitcase like Bruges looks incredibly chic, has swivel double wheels that
make it a dream to drag around, and even features a removable metal plate that can be
customised at the front.

Mugs are always in fashion

No matter how many tea or coffee mugs a dad has, he’ll never say no to another one,
especially if it’s smart and keeps his drinks warm!
A stainless steel option with a carabiner handle, like Wings, shows that you know your dad
loves to spend time outdoors and it will look great in his shed. A travel mug with double
walling so it insulates and keeps drinks warm, like Rajani, will be a wonderful gift for
someone who takes their coffee with them on their morning commute. There are lots of
possibilities to personalise all these, too!

Notebooks that look unique

Some of the most useful items around the house, notebooks are great to gift to dads who
love taking notes. But they don’t have to be boring, you can opt for some fun designs and
looks, like the cork collection with unique hardcovers and accompanying ball point pens. Or
make an ecological statement by offering recycled leather-covered notebooks with paper
issued from sustainable foresting.

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