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Here Are The Top 5 Most Useful Tech Items to Brand in 2021

14 Jun 2021 | Accessories, Gifts, Technology

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When you consider the use of tech items in everyday life, it’s clear that we’re taking advantage of technological developments more and more. From timers and chargers to clever gadgets, everyone is using tech items more than ever before. And that is what makes brandable, useful tech items that we all turn to in everyday life the perfect canvas to get your brand noticed on.

Here are the top 5 most useful tech items to brand in 2021 in order to have your name or logo worn or used for maximum impact.

Power Banks and Chargers

The single most important item in everyone’s handbag or car, a power bank is sleek, easy to take around anywhere, and useful in tens of ways. Whether for a phone addict who needs to recharge on the go during a busy day, or for giving gadgets some more energy when you’re not home yet, power banks offer a great branding opportunity, too.

red small branded power band to use on the go

Thanks to the shape and size, you will benefit from a small but noticeable canvas on which you can add your logo, your brand name, or even a small motto. And the best thing is, you can also have different colours!

Phone Charging Stands

A phone stand is a lovely piece of kit to add to your desk or bedside table. It keeps the smartphone in an upright position so you can glance at notifications easily while you work and it can blend in quite nicely with the décor. Especially bamboo stands look very stylish and are eco-friendly, too.

Add your brand logo to a phone charging stand easily this summer and you’ll get the benefit of people seeing your distinctive branding every time they take the phone off its stand.

Bluetooth Speakers

An essential addition to any party or to create a relaxing atmosphere in your living room, wireless Bluetooth speakers are convenient and can be very discreet. Dance music or relaxing tunes are equally at home using some good-quality speakers, which can also be ordered in various colourings to match the destination.

Branded Bluetooth Speaker

Adding a brand logo or name to a Bluetooth speaker is relatively easy and you can choose from different placements, ensuring that whoever is listening to music will also steal a glance at your company credentials.

Wireless Charger Mat

What better branding canvas than a mat on which there is plenty of room to add a logo, brand name, and more? Charger mats are extremely convenient tech items that can prove useful in any room in the home, or at the office. Using a modern tech-based promotional product such as this one gives you an edge, while allowing the user freedom of movement and a more convenient way to charge their own gadgets.

Wireless Mouse

Going back to more “old-school” items, why not brand a wireless mouse? Most desk workers, at home or in the office, will use a wireless mouse as an extension of their laptop. It’s both easy to purchase and comfortable to use, so it makes for a great idea as a promotional item. Use the top section to change colours to match your logo, add your name or your logo to the top and let your marketing efforts take you further.

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