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Top 8 Office Items That Are Environmentally Friendly, Too

17 Jul 2021 | Accessories, Gifts, Stationery, Technology

Home > Accessories > Top 8 Office Items That Are Environmentally Friendly, Too

As we’re returning to the office and planning how to integrate into corporate life after the various lockdowns and restrictions that have affected us for the past year and a half, more and more of us have been made aware of the important impact our purchasing decisions have on the environment. So, how can you ensure that your office accessories and everyday items are eco-friendly, while also useful and practical?

Let’s have a look at our top 8 picks for office items that are friendly for the planet, but will still serve your purposes.

Bamboo smartphone holders and desk accessories

Opt for some stylish desk tidying accessories made from recycled bamboo. From pen holders to cable tidying boxes and smartphone holders, there is a great range of bamboo items that will look great in the office and will unify the design of your desk. All this, without wasting money on plastic cups that don’t last long and add to the plastic pollution, too!


Reusable sandwich wraps

When it comes to your lunch break, instead of using cling film to wrap your sandwiches and snacks, invest in some reusable wraps made from recycled materials instead. They come in various colours and you can reuse them, so you’re making a saving in the long run, too. Besides, they’re always handy to have around, so store a few in your office desk drawer!

Pens made from recycled water bottles

If you can make a choice when it comes to writing materials, go for ballpoint pens made from recycled plastic bottles. This is an excellent way to repurpose the tonnes of plastic gathered from waste sites around the world, for an item that we all use all too often every day at work.

Pens made out of recycled plastic

Reusable, heated coffee mug

We talk about having a mug for life, but how about one that keeps your coffee warm, too? Invest in a heated coffee mug that keeps your drink warm for up to an hour. It will stay with you for a long time, too, and negate the need to go for single-use plastic cups.

Recycled notebooks

Another ubiquitous office item that can be sourced from recycled materials is the humble notebook. Companies can order batches with their logo or brand name on, to help their teams be more sustainable while also getting their name out there when they’re visiting clients or working off-site. 

Blue notebook made out of plastic

A plant pot

Ok, not a recycled item, but the office will breathe better with a plant, not to mention its benefits for your mental health, too. Add a small potted plant to your office and have your team rotate care duties so no one feels like they “have to” deal with it. You can even give it a name!

blue desk  pot with plant

Corn-based bio-plastic scissors

Yes, you read that right. Instead of opting for the damaging plastic that doesn’t degrade, there is a corn-based biodegradable form that has been used in the manufacturing of items such as scissor handles. Buy your next office scissors made from this material – they’ll be durable and look good. 

Ethical earphones

A potentially ideal team gift: ethically sourced, handcrafted by artisans and looking stylish, some handmade earphones will set your team apart. Everyone can work in silence (or listening to their music) while using these great ethical earphones that support charity work around the world and are made from sustainably-sourced materials.

black stylish earphones to be used both when working from home or from the office

When you head back into the office, look at the small adjustments everyone can make to their energy consumption or waste reduction, while being mindful of the purchasing choices made at office level, in order to reduce unnecessary waste. These items are a great first step to being more eco-friendly at your home desk or with your team.

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