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Top 9 Magical Christmas Gift Ideas for Winter 2020

07 Dec 2020 | christmas, Events, Fun, Games, Gifts

Home > christmas > Top 9 Magical Christmas Gift Ideas for Winter 2020

Christmas 2020 is fast approaching and the hunt is already on for the best gifts for all your loved ones come the holiday season. Whether you’re shopping online for your Christmas merchandise, or hitting the high street where this is a possibility, you will be wondering what best gadgets, feel-good items, and other trendy presents are hitting all the right notes this winter.

We have compiled a list of the 9 most anticipated gift options at Christmas for you to browse below.  These range from the eco-friendly to the family favourites and are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face when they unwrap their present!

1.    Journals for dreamers and planners

One of the trends of 2020 has been reflection and planning, whether on an emotional or business level. From influencers calling on us to jot down our feelings and get in touch with our inner turmoil, to level-headed business coaches highlighting the importance of writing down and sticking to a plan, 2020 is the year of the journal.

Pick one in your loved one’s favourite colour scheme or go for an environmentally friendly recycled paper and cardboard option. A 2021 journal is a great way to get them to start reflecting and planning.


2.    Colourful Christmas decorations

If you’re meeting friends before Christmas Day, or preparing gifts for work colleagues, why not consider the classic baubles or tree ornaments? Go for something sparkly to stand out on the branches of their Christmas tree, or pick a symbol of something that is significant to you both. In any case, they’ll think of you when they admire their tree, and relive happy memories.


3.    Advent calendars for grown-ups

Advent calendars have really “grown up” in recent years. From beauty products to beer tasters or scented candles, you can pretty much put a collection of any of your loved one’s favourite things in an advent calendar with the help of creative merchandise providers. Have a browse through the various collections available online and give someone the gift of 25 small surprises throughout December!

Advent Calendar

4.    Noise cancelling headphones

Give someone the ultimate wearable techy Christmas gift: a high-quality pair of noise cancelling headphones. Indoor exercise has become a huge part of our fitness routine in 2020 and, among fitness related merchandise, musical gifts are guaranteed to help improve your mood and your motivation when working out. Moreover, these can be used to simply escape into a concert or tune out all distractions when you need to focus on your work or reading.


5.    The scent of Christmas

What can be better than smelling the roaring fire in the fireplace, or the crisp scent of the fir tree woods on Christmas morning? Wherever you are in the world, a scented Christmas candle makes a lovely gift that allows your loved one to escape into a fairy tale atmosphere, relaxing and forgetting all worries.


6.    The gift of cosiness

How about a soft blanket to wrap yourself in as you delve into your favourite book this holiday season? Spending more time indoors has got us all feeling tired and cold, as the lack of vitamin D and enough exercise is affecting everyone during the various levels of lockdown restrictions around the world. But a cosy, comfortable blanket can provide a warm haven to relax into, so would make a lovely gift for your loved ones at Christmas.


7.    Christmas stockings for all ages

The traditional Christmas stocking is guaranteed to never be out of style in any household. Adults and children alike are guaranteed to love hanging theirs up, waiting for their surprises on Christmas morning. So, make sure you offer them a personalised Christmas stocking well before Santa arrives!


8.    Desk organisers to declutter

Another big trend for 2020 has been organising our own home office for so many of us. And, unfortunately, the inevitable clutter that follows with that! Help your loved ones declutter by offering them a bamboo desk organiser to file their paperwork in. It’s not the most romantic Christmas merchandise, but it’s a stylish and practical gift to show you care about their productivity and well-being.


9.    Bluetooth speakers to liven up the home

Blast some energetic workout tunes or mellow down to the sound of smooth jazz with some Bluetooth speakers this Christmas. Your friends or relatives will love the gift of music given by Bluetooth speakers that can liven up the home and bring in the Christmas cheer – just pop on some carols!

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